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Read this comment re my previous post:

Campbell Says:

The Chicago giddiness is matched only by Green Bay arrogance. “Cutler is decent competition” Are you guys serious? What a risible, uninformed comment. A previous poster used the word “Favred” Let’s hope this “decent competition” hasn’t “Carved” up the Packers AND the NFC North by season’s end. Oh, I forgot..we have Aaron (Mr. Clutch) Rodgers, ergo, we’ll win this division by Halloween.

Yeah, right.

I figured I’d respond first and then let PG readers have at it in the comments section. Campbell, thanks for the comment – you’re always welcome here even if your comments are off the mark. I’m not sure how my comment re Cutler being decent competition is “risible and uninformed”. In his first season as a starter, Rodgers stats were better than any year Cutler has played. Last year, Rodgers had more TD passes (28-25), fewer picks (13-18), a higher QB rating (93.5 to 86). Sounds like a decent competition to me – one in fact that Aaron Rodgers appears to be winning. (Oh, and Cutler’s puke effort at the end of last season wasn’t exactly clutch.)


19 Responses to “Comment from Bear fan”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Yeah, I guess Rodgers would be winning in the clutch if Ed Hochuli was giving him games too…

  2. awhayes Says:

    nice aaron, nice.

  3. Dave Says:

    …and now Cutler only has tight ends to throw to. Perhaps the occasional dump-off to Forte in the flat I suppose, but how many times can that work if that’s all you do?

  4. Dave In Tucson Says:

    In 2008, the Bears had a very underwhelming pass offense. It’s just not a good thing when the player with the most reception is your primary running back, and the player with the most receiving yards is a gimmick player like Hester.

    Certainly bringing in Cutler has got to improve that some over Orton, but with that receiving corps, and a running back that averaged ~77 yard/game last season… well, the Bears have some more work to do, don’t they?

    And now down 3 big picks to do it… (not to mention whatever holes they’ll need to plug in their defense)

    Of course the really weird part about this is… have the Bears ever had a pass-oriented offense? It seems like their philosophy has always been 1) play strong defense, and 2) run the ball on offense

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Bears’ OC even knows what to do with a guy like Cutler.


  5. Campbell Says:

    I’m not a Bears fan. Just passing thru and wondering why you feel Angelo would give up so much to get a qb you dismiss as merely acceptable. I don’t know if Cutler will become a franchise qb, neither does Angelo, but Cutler is much more than your description indicates. You recite his bad stats, but as Rodgers proved last year, good stats don’t necessarily translate into wins.

    Peace, and I hope you enjoy what should be an exciting season in your division.

  6. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    notice how quickly he makes sure we all know he’s not a bears fan… i think this guy’s got cheddar in his blood from some distant great-uncle.

    and denver – check out the present you got for april fools’ (a few days late maybe)!

  7. bucky Says:

    I’m not a Bears fan. Just passing thru and wondering why you feel Angelo would give up so much to get a qb you dismiss as merely acceptable.

    I think I explained why somewhere else: now Angelo has a fall guy if the Bears’ performance is disappointing this season. Before the move, if the Bears missed the playoffs again, people would be pointing at Angelo’s failure to improve the offensive side of the ball, and in particular his failure to bring in a QB who can take the team to the next level. Now when things go south on the Bears in December, he can say, “hey, I got you the guy; it’s the coaching that sucks. Fire Lovie, not me.”

    I don’t know if Cutler will become a franchise qb, neither does Angelo

    If Angelo really doesn’t know, then he has no business doing this deal. Unless, of course, his goal his goal is solely as set forth above.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    Actually, the Bears didn’t give up very much to get a QB who has demonstrated NFL skills. Stealing a bit from Mike Lombardi, the price of the trade was a third round pick this year and a #1 next year. They get a #5 this year and their #1 pick is a QB who in, three years, has thrown for over 9,000 yards. Harrison, Holt, and Burress (if he doesn’t go to jail) are also possible additions before the season starts. It is obvious that the Mc Kaskey (sp?) family said very clearly get this team to the pre-season now. Lovie and Angelo are focused on keeping their jobs.

    TT on the other hand continues to ignore reality and makes believe his O-line strategy (College, Moll, Barbre, Spitiz, Sitton, Giacomoni, Et. Al.) is working and his D-line Picks (Montgomery, Harrell, Thompson, Hunter, etc.) are actually NFL caliber players.

    To repeat:

    Packers 6-10
    Bears 9-7

    Which team is better now than they were at the end of 2008?

  9. awhayes Says:

    Campbell, just to clarify, I never said Cutler is bad or merely acceptable and the stats I alluded to aren’t really “bad stats” at all, just not as good as Rodgers’ stats (which were actually quite good). Like I said before, I think he’s good, just not as good as most seem to think. He’s definitely a significant upgrade over Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman (of course, I would be too), but right now, I think Rodgers may be better. It is definitely a position upgrade for Chicago at their most important position (one that has been weak for decades), and in that sense, making a move like this makes sense. And because of Cutler’s generally solid reputation as a player (which I happen to think is a bit overstated), perhaps Angelo considered the psychological advantages of signing a guy like this.

  10. gkender Says:

    29 QBs started for the bears during the last 17 years (Favre and one A Rodg year)

  11. Bearfan3454 Says:

    As per usual, the packer geekdom is attempting to down play a significant improvement in the Chicago Bears in an effort to ease what I’m sure is significant panic over what is sure to be complete domination by the Bears over the Packers for the next mmmm lets say ten years or so. I’m sure that only having the football season to look forward to every year would make you protective of your team but the reality is that you had a very good player in Favre for many years but only won one superbowl with him. Can anyone say underachieving? Now those days are long gone and your desperate to hang your hat on an unproven player in Rodgers. If that helps you sleep at night, then I guess go for it. All I can say is good luck to you and see you in September.

  12. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    yeah, but dude. you’re a bears fan. i mean, i’m just sayin.’

  13. DaveK Says:

    I think this trade sort of reeks of desperation for Angelo. He needs wins sooner rather then later or his job is in jeopardy. This trade wasn’t about the team it was about his job security. He couldn’t wait around for a first round QB to develop and he knew that Orton was just not going to get it done. So, he gives away the farm to get a guy that can come in an play well THIS year. The only way this works out for the Bears is if Cutler turns into a franchise QB for the next 5+ years. Then they don’t have to draft QB’s with future draft picks and with the QB spot locked down you can focus on other aspects of your team in the draft. But, the huge risk here is if Cutler is just average. They would then have limited draft picks to build a team around him or to replace him. Angelo has essentially put his job and the Bears ability to compete for the next 3-5 years in the hands of Cutler. So, the big question: Is Cutler good enough to be a franchise QB for the next five+ years?

    The side story to this trade is Cutler’s contract. He is set to make around $1 million the next three years. I guess it is possible that Cutler is willing to play out the last three years of his rookie contract but given his actions in Denver the last month and his agent I doubt that happens.
    This trade gives Cutler and Cook some serious leverage to get a new deal sooner rather then later. The Bears are not exactly flush with cap space and adding $12 million in payroll for a new contract for the “franchise” QB is going to limit what they can do in FA going forward. Limited draft picks. Limited cap space. They must really think Cutler is the final piece to the puzzle.

  14. Troy Says:

    Funny…Dan Marino was a good qb but had 0 super bowl rings to show for it…WHATS YOUR POINT BEARSFAN?…I truthfully don’t think anyone in the greater United States area who is a Packers fan is too worried about Cutler…maybe the same people who freaked out about Rodgers being the QB and the Pack letting go Favre…but they already know nothing about football…

  15. Tiponline Says:

    Hey Troy, I guess we are truely blessed to have you, a football expert on this blog ! Your unique wisdom has us all now convinced that going from 13-3 (& a overtime a way from the SB) to 6-10 is nothing to be freaked out about. I am a DIEHARD Packerbacker with my roots in Bonduel WI. I have street cred and will tell everyone EXACTLY the way it is….Here it is, THE TEAM IS IN SHAMBLES AND TO MAKE THINGS WORSE, THE BEARS FINALLY HAVE A FRANCHISE QB. TED THE TOOL AND MACKIE BOY MUST GO ! Believe it !

  16. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    yes tip, your high level of exactness, the undeniable girth of your street cred, and your capital letters and exclamation points really do make us all feel out of place and emasculated. thanks for setting everything straight there, tip.

    but seriously, steve and andy aren’t ready to take over yet. let their kids get to the age they can walk to school themselves, and give ted and mike a few more years to bring in loads of young talent for little money, take the necessary risk of implementing a better defense with fantastic coaches, continue working with what looks like a 2nd franchise quarterback in a row (by the time rodgers is done, we very well may have been so spoiled as to have 25 years in a row with a better-than-good qb at the helm), and be fiscally responsible enough to sign our own star-caliber players before they hit free-agency.

    in time, the hayes’ will have something to work with.

  17. Tiponline Says:

    Yet another Packer Football expert, must be brothers.
    (We already have AMOS and ANDY running the show by the way…oh you said “steve”, my mistake…get it right, it’s going to be”Mike and Jon”)
    You obviously have put me in the “Pro-Favre camp”. Aaron Rodgers will be a great QB only if he has a great organization supporting him.
    A REAL Packer fan would remember this formula:
    Wolf + Holmgren =
    Great players wanting to play for a great organization.
    And recognize our present formula is:
    Toolman + Train Conductor + Pubcrawler =
    Players around the league saying…’Stay away from Green Bay, what a mess! And I don’t want Justin Harrel outplaying me either !’

  18. Sportspack Says:

    Hey Joshy, I gots to know, who are Steve and Andy? Ted and Mike need to start signing our 1 star-caliber player! A few more years? Are you kidding me? Are the fantastic coaches going to suit up or what?

  19. Sportspack Says:

    Hey Tiponline, Isn’t Pubcrawler a Bear?

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