Barnett on the money


Sometimes, when I whine about the Packers not doing enough in free agency and not adding needed pieces to the team, I want to stop myself so I don’t just seem like a chronic complainer. But I do it mostly because I really believe more could be done. Well, now I can add Nick Barnett to my side of this argument (according to jsonline)- along with Charles Woodson and LeRoy Butler. All of these guys have talked about bringing in other guys and the need for additional pieces. As Bedard says, the team under TT has been remarkably quiet w/re to speaking out of turn, so Barnett’s refreshingly honest comments are welcome.

“We have Jenkins on the outside, Pickett on the inside; we’ll have Jolly with whatever happens with his situation. But the years that we’ve been very good on defense, we’ve had good depth on the defensive line with some good quality. We have some young guys coming up, but it’s always good to have that very good depth at d-line….but everybody knows we need more guys. Obviously we lost some guys in free agency. It’s not a knock against the guys we have. We can all get better.”

If the Pack struggles or goes even 8-8 or 9-7 this year and TT survives, I would imagine we might start hearing even more of these kinds of comments from players heading into next year. Lots of players and fans are willing to be quiet out of respect for someone else’s job (i.e. TT), but not if that someone is given plenty of time and fails to produce a winner.

One Response to “Barnett on the money”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Been saying what he said since last pre-season. The D-line has no depth. The drop off after Jenkins, Pickett and Jolly will be huge. It was last year and they have done absolutely nothing to solve that problem. TT is foolin himself if he thinks Harrell, Montgomery, Malone, and the other two nothings on the roster will be capable.

    Barnett is dead on.

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