Free agents still out there


I liked this article by GBPG’s Tom Pelissero because it does a good job of reminding us that while the free agency chaos has mostly died, there are still some quality free agents available. These are the names that caught my eye:

  • Vonnie Holliday – we’ve already written about him and I still feel he’d be a good addition. I’m still bothered by the Packers’ apparent disinterest.
  • Jason Taylor – already written about him and if he’d truly come in at a bargain price, not sure why we wouldn’t consider it.
  • Kevin Carter – Carter has recently been good, despite his age. Like Taylor and Holliday, I would be comforted knowing we had at least one of these 3 historically reliable veterans on the roster vs feeling uncomforted by having question marks all over the place (Pickett’s health, Jolly’s crimes, Harrell’s everything, Jenkin’s injury, Montgomery’s averageness, Kampmann’s switch, Hawk’s badness, etc etc).
  • Dre Bly – not sure exactly how much his talent level dropped off last year, but he’s been a pretty good corner for years and he would at the very least, add some nice depth to our secondary.
  • Chris McCallister – similar to Bly, at one time he was really good and probably still at least has quality instincts. I also wonder about whether he would be a decent safety-conversion candidate.
  • Samari Rolle – similar to McCallister and Bly, though more intriguing to me than either of the other two. Again, if he’s not going to break the bank, may be a good depth move.
  • Mike Brown – I know this guy gets injured blowing his nose, but I have always been impressed by his play when out there. Trouble is that TT’s preference for young/injury-free players make Brown very unlikely.

5 Responses to “Free agents still out there”

  1. Ace Says:

    Andy-except possibly Jason Taylor you have listed the “over the hill gang” in NFL. How do any of those senior corners add to and improve our aging CBs? None are better than we have unless T. Williams sits out and we need a backup. Can’t agree this time.

  2. Schaefer Says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….I would like a Holiday.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Ace – one thing the Packers need right now is depth, specifically veteran depth. It seems every year, the New England Patriots go out and sign several veterans they think can help. I think Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison, Corey Dillon, etc etc would have all qualified under your “over the hill gang” when they signed with the Pats but all of them ended up contributing to hugely successful teams. Please Ace, don’t fall prey to the spell Ted Thompson is trying to cast over Packerland leading all to believe that young players are the only players worth picking up. He has the most extreme view of any GM in the league w/re to draft vs free agency and considering he owns a losing record in GB, he needs some seriously successful teams before I come around to it.

    As for the DBs, with 2 old corners and only 1 semi-secure safety spot, I wouldn’t exactly say that the Pack is set in the defensive backfield. Yes, if healthy, Al and Charles are very solid. Tramon is a decent substitute, but outside of that, it never hurts to have a quality DB who has experience and knows what he’s doing (McCallister or Rolle may be the best options as they could help teach the 3-4). We need veteran depth on this team.

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    I’d take one Holiday, Carter or Taylor rather than the composite of Harrell, Montgomery, Malone, Hunter, Poppinga and Thompson.

  5. DaveK Says:

    You might see a little movement right before the draft as these vets drop their price to get a roster spot before the draft. Most of them are expecting too much right now though especially in terms of guaranteed money and most GM’s are not going to waste the $ when the draft may negate the need for the player. After the draft you will see a run on these guys as GM’s try to address needs that the draft didn’t fill.

    Of your list though I think Mike Brown intrigues me the most. He has played at a very high level when healthy and it would be funny as hell if he put together a full healthy season for the Packers!

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