Montgomery and Hunter re-signed


Not much to report here except that these two guys re-signed. While Montgomery may add depth to either the D-Line or OLB positions (and he may not be as bad as a fill-in vs being the starter), I’m just not that excited about these signings. I don’t think these 2 guys are terrible (and I do think Hunter has some possibly untapped potential), but I just can’t get excited about this or really, any 2009 off-season signing.

Tremendously boring off-season when this is all I can think of to post. I think the lack of action this off-season is actually hurting my brain.

2 Responses to “Montgomery and Hunter re-signed”

  1. Schaefer Says:

    Maybe you can build some excitement on this article…though doubtful, maybe the Pack is one of the unidentified teams on Pepper’s list…

    “The Dallas Cowboys and two other unidentified NFC teams also are on Peppers’ four-team wish list”

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Montgomery has played four full seasons after TT drafted him in 2005. In those four years he has never made a serious move to become a key contributor to the team. He started awhile after Jenkins went sown but was sharing time with Thompson and Poppinga for God sake. Eventually MM even tried Malone a few plays. He failed his test last year he will fail again this year. There was a good reason no one made hime a serious offer as a UFA. He stinks!

    Hunter or should I say Mr. Potential, has been a bust since being drafted by TT in 2006. 3 years and the guy barely has ever seen the field (Excluding Special Teams and we all know how great they were). He got lucky with a fumble recovery TD. Right place, right time kind of thing. Again 3 years and just what tells you this guy can play?

    One thing they do have in common – Drafted by TT.

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