Cutler to NYJ?


I don’t want to get too involved in the rumor-milling, as it were, of the Jay Cutler situation. But I do want to say something about it. Odd situation. I’m not so sure Cutler was the most popular guy in Denver  even before all of this happened. He seems quite brash. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if he did initiate some of this trade talk (as Peter King asserted a few weeks ago).

Either way, one team I would think would be more active in pursuing Cutler would be the New York Jets. With Favre out, the options are bad. I watched Clemens play in a couple games when the staff was waffling between he and Pennington a few years ago. Maybe he was too young or just had several bad games, but he looked really really bad. Cutler’s brash style might fit in NY and they certainly could use some QB help.

(One related comment: I am not in the camp that thinks Cutler is that great. I think he’s good, yes, but not that great. He has some growing up to do and would probably be best with an experienced head coach who doesn’t put up with crap.)


One Response to “Cutler to NYJ?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    When did Cutler grow a vagina? I’m just so sure how many teams want to give up what Denver would want to get a guy that is so insecure and constantly needs his ego stroked. BTW, the Patriots must be absolutely loving what they created!

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