Vikings fan angry – PG suspects crack use


Thought you might like to read this comment we just received from a Vikings fan about a post ripping on the Metrodome done months ago:

The last time I checked, the field in the Metrodome is still 100 yards in total length, which, I believe is the offical size of all NFL playing surfaces in this league. When you are sitting in your seats, it’s no different than watching a game at any other stadium. If it wasn’t for the small size of the concourses, no one would complain. It beats the heck out of sitting in below zero weather to watch a game in late December. All of that ice bowl crap is just that – CRAP!!! Nobody would choose to sit out in the cold when you could watch in 72 degree comfort!! Anyone who refutes that is a liar!!!! There isn’t anything special about Lambeau. I’ll take the Metrodome in the city vs. Lambeau in sh-tville any day!!!

Nice dude, nice. The funny thing is that most people in Minnesota absolutely hate the Metrodome. While largely a clueless people for supporting the Vikings, they are also a proud people who feel the same way about the Metrodome that a teenager feels about a giant pimple the night before prom.


11 Responses to “Vikings fan angry – PG suspects crack use”

  1. Kozak Says:

    Ah, the New Viking Man. A metrosexual Zima sipping, band wagoner.
    Those long yellow braids are not ironic in “his”case…..

  2. Joe Says:

    Any jack-ss who would rather watch a football game inside should just stay home. Feeling the same weather as the players just makes the experience so much better.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    this guy fails to understand a whole lot about the universe. joe touches on much of what i thought of – namely the weather as an equalizer. i believe packer fans have an advantage by having to endure the misery, because they endure it equally, and together. sitting in zero degree weather sucks, i agree – but sitting in zero degree weather with 68,000 or so others, 67,987 of whom share a very simple common goal – and sharing that weather, as joe says, with the players on the field – he who finds something unique an special about that is no liar.

    consider if the packers proposed a dome stadium — wisconsin would explode. i don’t even think there’d be time for riots, it would just blow up. and that anger at potentially losing something wouldn’t from some sense of wanting to impress each other. this is what makes me think that this guy has probably never been to lambeau. i went to school in minnesota, and as heated as the rivalry between these two teams is, i heard more than one vikings fan admit that, yes, it would be awesome to have a place like lambeau to call ‘home.’

    this guy is either 14, really really spoiled and rich, or he weighs 87 pounds and never got to play football with the neighborhood kids in the snow.

  4. 56coop Says:

    First time I walked into Lambeau (1996) I had tears in my eyes. I would say the only tears shed at the Metro would be when their leaving after they have had another good ass kicking.

  5. Jonathan Gibbs Says:

    Even those of us in San Francisco know that real Football must be played outside. Candlestick may suck, and the fans buy salmon and red wine instead of brats and beer, but at least they do it outside!

  6. Ron La Canne Says:

    The Hump Dome – a piece of crap covered with Goodyear tires patches and reeks with the smell of spoiled lutfisk (sp). Disguting place!

  7. Cindy V Says:

    I just got back from Fan Fest at Lambeau Field. It’s truly a great thing when the team, from top adminsitration to coaches and players mix it up with the fans for a weekend. I joked with Rob Davis, Keven Greene and Edgar Bennet. I met Dorsey Levens and Antonio Freeman who are the two newest inductees to the Packer Hall of Fame. Dorsey told me who would be introducing him, but since the information won’t be released for awhile, I’ll keep the secret. I chatted with Brandon Chillar, Ryan Grant, Allen Barbre, JJ Jansen, Desmond Bishop, and James Lofton. Just to name drop a few. Minnesota Man is just jealous.

    On draft day, thousands of us will again be a Lambeau. It’s a year ’round destination place for thousands of Packer Fans. The Metrodome will NEVER be a place where fans gather to support the team. Do the Vikings even have a Hall of Fame?

  8. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Sure, the Metrodome is a swell place to play football. I mean, c’mon — they only needed two deadline extensions to sell out a playoff game.

    Oh, wait… that’s a bad thing for them, isn’t it?


  9. Doug In Sandpoint Says:

    Andy-Nothing like offering up some red meat from some poor ill-informed troglodyte from the west to fire up the troops in during this interminable off season. Easy pickings, but you could probably include daily postings from nut-case vike fans to make our days go faster.

    Having lived with the enemy for a time in the twin cities and taking in a number of games in the Hump, I can say I have nothing but pity for the once-hardy Minnesota fan. The site of a reminant of the once-not-so- effeminate trying to tailgate in a indoor parking garge almost breaks my heart and stands as a warning to all of us. The combined effect of the emasculation of a generation of Minnnesotans is now permanently reflected in their team.

  10. Aaron Says:

    Cindy – We were at Fan Fest as well. Met Dom Capers – great, great guy. Loved all the Q&As and the presentations. The best was def Winston Moss’. That dude is intense…

  11. Cindy V Says:

    I like Kevin Greene. Some guy next to me asked Greene how he felt baout the Packers in 1996. Greene looks at the guy and simply says, “I oughta sack you.” Intense, indeed!

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