Anthony Smith and T.O.


I’m a little surprised by the Anthony Smith signing. Perhaps TT and MM were willing to chalk up his unbelievably stupid guarantee of victory a couple years ago against New England (and subsequent horrendous performance) to being immature or something – but that kind of dumb statement seems to run counter to TT’s philosophy on players. (I watched that game – wow, did he play badly). That said, I like his apparent athleticism and the fact that Dick LeBeau allegedly was not ready to give up on him (though Mike Tomlin had seen enough). I also like his 3-4 experience and the fact that while I’d prefer to have acquired a guy who was starting in a 3-4 most of last year (Jim Leonhard), at least Smith was playing behind 2 really good safeties. Last time we acquired a DB who was stuck behind 2 quality starters it was Al Harris – and he’s been good for us. Oh, and he’s young.

Still, I just can’t get that excited about this acquisition yet – or the Packers’ off-season. Packer off-seasons are really boring. We just have to face that fact. I have awaken several mornings over the last month wanting to post something about my beloved Packers only to stop for a moment and yawn at the profound boredom of the off-season. While I don’t think there actually were/are a bunch of FA options, I do think we could have gone after a few others guys (and still could). Oh well – at least the draft is always interesting with TT because we have no idea who he’ll pick – and we can spend the next few months trying to figure out where the hell these guys came from.

A bit surprised T.O. ended up in Buffalo. More than anything, I think it’s nice for Lee Evans. He has been doing it by himself up there for several years (since Moulds left anyway – where is Moulds by the way…he was so good) and having another at least decent option to distract defenses might really open things up for Evans and the Buffalo passing game. I also do wonder if the move was a bit of a PR one (strange PR move then) because Buffalo is desperate to do whatever it can to generate money/attention in hopes of not losing the team toToronto.

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