What happened to Illinois LB Jeremy Leman?


This morning after reading through a few mock drafts and seeing the name Vontae Davis (from Illinois – quality CB), for some reason, it made me think about a LB I remember being dominant during his college days at Illinois. I couldn’t remember his name and I had no idea if he was still on the team or if he graduated. After some research, I learned that the guy’s name is Jeremy Leman. He went undrafted in the 2008 draft, but was picked up by MN as a free agent only to be cut during final cuts. Most recently he was signed by the Carolina Panthers after sitting out all of 2008.

The reason I bring him up is that I watched several Illinois games that year and remember him being one of the better college LBs I’d seen play in a while.  He was positively dominant – all over the field. I can’t imagine why he would go undrafted unless he got injured somewhere along the line or had a horrendous combine. After watching him play during the 2007 Illini Rose Bowl campaign, I just assumed Leman would be a quality NFL player.  Anyone know what happened or why he’s become an NFL afterthought?


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