Packergeeks back – some FA thoughts


Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was on vacation the past week in Florida. Here is a round-up of my thoughts on free agency thus far:

  • Chiefs/Pioli being aggressive so far. Managed to acquire two quality players (Cassell, Vrabel) without giving up much because he knew that the Pats had little leverage with nearly $30 million in QB contracts tied up heading into next year.
  • Brian Dawkins might have been a nice player to add to our roster.
  • Colin Cole was not that great and I’m not crying for his loss. However, I remain concerned re our overall D-Line depth.
  • Too bad Chris Canty was snagged by the Giants. Sounds like we were serious about picking him up but once again, fell just short. Bigger concern for me here is the pattern of the Packers falling short when trying to pick up bigger-time free agents (Randy Moss, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Canty, others I’m sure). One quiet possible consequence of Favre’s departure may be a diminished interest among free agents in coming to Green Bay.
  • Too bad Bart Scott went to the NYJ.
  • Ray Lewis is still available – would he be worth pursuing to at least help us get this defense implemented for the next 2-3 years (and also, because he’s a veteran leader)?
  • Why isn’t Ted Thompson looking at Jim Leonhard? Leonhard won’t command a huge contract and he knows the 3-4 well – and he just seems like the kind of under-the-radar football guy TT seems to crave.

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