Flacco a Packer?


Greg Bedard has been doing outstanding work from the combine in Indianapolis over the past week.  If you haven’t been going to that JS Online’s Packer blog daily (hourly?), head over there and just start scrolling.  He’s got lots of details on the Packer interviews, potential draftees, Indy in general, Jason Taylor (dude is obsessed).  It’s high-quality stuff.

From his latest entry: the Packers want to re-sign DeShawn Wynn, they are not interested in Chris Canty or Igor Olshansky, they don’t want to sign Matt Birk, they didn’t use Indy to meet with any big-name free agents and Rob Davis is money.  That’s all in a blog post, not even a real article.

And, Bedard drops this fascinating bombshell: The Packers wanted to draft Joe Flacco last year and were even interested in moving up to do so.  Wow.  On the one hand, I’m comforted that they recognize talent and understand that a good quarterback remains arguably the most important element of a successful football team (and I say this despite the success of the Dilfer-led Ravens, the Johnson-led Bucs and the Manning-led Giants.  Manning, to be fair, played well in the playoffs.)

But what are we supposed to think about all of the front office love for Aaron Rodgers as the future of the franchise?  Here is Bedard:

Heard this from a pretty good source that would know: The Packers were one of the teams that were very hot for QB Joe Flacco last year, so much so that they definitely would have taken him at No. 30 and might have traded into the 20-25 range. Flacco ended up going at 18 when the Ravens traded up to draft him. The two primary teams the Ravens were worried about taking Flacco ahead of them were the Packers and the New York Jets.

11 Responses to “Flacco a Packer?”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    I read that post yesterday amd it was indeed impressive the amount of info compressed into it.

    I think at the time Flacco would’ve been no more a threat to Rodgers than Brohm was (after all a 2nd round pick is a pretty steep investment). They knew last year that they needed to have more QB’s and the rest of that draft showed it. I think the biggest thing this story shows is that the Pack really is committed to the “best available player” philosophy (not that we ever doubted it) and they saw Flacco as being one of th top guys in the entire draft who they would feel obl;igated to go get if he fell to a range where the value was too much to deny. Also nice to hear that TT will indeed move up, or consider moving up, when he feels it’s worth it.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Flacco last year?

    A. Who gives a crap? That was last year and you’d have to say it’s a little late to be considered breaking news.

    B. It sure a hell doesn’t give me any sense of security in the upcoming draft.

    C. Hopefully, it’s just media blowviating.

  3. MC Says:

    Ditto what RayMidge says. I also leave open the possibility that TT capably smokescreened somebody last year, and the ruse was so effective that the person (a Ravens official maybe?) still believes it.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    I think Andy had a good idea about not turning a blind eye to some of the Ravens players. Over in NBC’s Rumours it is stated that the Redskins are considering a deal for Haynesworth at around 100 mil (Not sure for how many years). http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/24099661/

    Obvioulsy Peppers and Lewis will feel they need something equivalent which wont happen in GB and probably shouldn’t.

    There are some good players available and I’ll be disapppointed if TT keeps his best player available strategy for the draft. I think we are maybe 2 good OL’s, a good DL, LB and/or DE from being a ferocious contender. I will say I do wish Aaron had a better backup and that is a consideration but he has proven he’s tough and if he gets a good OL he can play the whole season.

    Also read where the Vike’s are pretty keen on a QB from the Texan’s


    which relieves me as far as Vick is concerned. If he gets reinstated from what I can surmiise the 49er’s are willlng to chance it.

    Come on TT, let’s get what we need–just this once.

  5. DaveK Says:

    Just saw some updated cap information. Pete Doughtery has the Packers availible cap $36 million. I guess they carried over around $9 million from last year via cap credits. The NFL also increased the CAP another $4 million today which was not accounted for in this number. It appears the Packers will start free agency on Thursday with approximately $40 million to spend. They will probably tender 3-4 restricted free agents and that will cost from around $3-$4.5 million depending on what level of tender they offer.

    It appears though that many other teams have also managed their cap well. There is a ton on cap money availible. Tampa Bay leads the league with a tad over $50 million. I think what we used to think of BIG contracts will seem cheap after the next few weeks.



  6. Cindy V Says:

    I’m surprisede the Geeks at Packergeeks have not commented on free agency thus far. Some big signings today.

  7. Mike Says:

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  8. Cindy V Says:

    Okay. I’ll make a comment on Free Agency since the Geeks must be on vacation. I’m concerned that Tightwas Ted will let free agency pass without signing anyone to beef up the defensive line as we go to the 3-4 package. Colin Cole from the Pack will probably leave if he’s offered a better contract by the Seahawks or the Bucaneers. I see him going to Tampa because of the coaches down there he knows and that home for Cole is Ft. Lauderdale. Then there’s Canty from Dallas. He’s on the free agency list and will probably sign with another team because Tightwad Ted balked at what Canty wants. There’s not much out there for a player of Cole’s diversity and I don’t think this is a position we can fill in the draft.

  9. Cindy V Says:

    Well, Canty signed a big deal with the Giants today, so scratch him off the list. Anyone else the Pack should consider during free agency?

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