Jason Wilde: possible Bart Scott move?


Yesterday on ESPN radio Milwaukee, Jason Wilde (from WSJ) talked about a hunch that the Pack might look at Scott. I don’t think he had any scoop or anything (didn’t hear the whole segment), but he kind of mentioned it as the kind of under the radar guy TT might look at. I wouldn’t be surprised if we made at least inquiries for Scott and I would love to land a guy like that on this team. I continue to think it would be very helpful to have at least someone on the starting defense with recent 3-4 experience.

3 Responses to “Jason Wilde: possible Bart Scott move?”

  1. Trav Says:

    Read this on JSOnline.


    Poppinga is the 4th LB in the new set-up? Granted, TT prefaces it with that it is “ballpark”, but I am surprised. I wonder if BP has compromising pictures of TT or MM that he holds over them to stay in the starting line-up?

  2. Ron La Canne Says:


    Not hard to figure out TT’s incentives are set on Net Profit Objectives, not winning football games. The man is an absolute A-Hoile!

  3. DaveK Says:

    Ron – I think you are way off base here. The large cap carry over into the season has nothing to do with making sure the Packers make money. It allows him to extend players currently on the team that he deems more valuable then what is available in free agency. Rodgers contract counted like $14 million against the cap last year. Going forward that contract has a very low cap number. You just can’t do that if you burn through cap money in March. He could of spent like the 49’s last March but he wouldn’t have been able to extend Rodgers. Time will tell if that judgment is correct but I don’t think it has anything to do with increasing ‘net profit’.

    TT will have the same choice this year. He’ll leave some cap room to extend a key player (possible Jennings or Collins) and he’ll spend on FA’s if he thinks they will add more to the team (at the right price) then extending guys like Jolly, Pickett, Kampman, Moll, Colledge, Chillar, etc…

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