TT – keep an eye on the Ravens


I was just reading up on the recent release of Chris McAllister, the former Pro Bowl cornerback from Balt who has been mediocre to bad apparently his last couple seasons there after 8 mostly stellar seasons. Anyway, part of the reason for his release was cap space because Balt needs to figure out a way to re-sign the following unrestricted free agents:

  • Jason Brown, Center
  • Ray Lewis, ILB
  • Bart Scott, ILB
  • Terrell Suggs, OLB
  • Jim Leonhard, Safety

Not sure exactly what their cap situation looks like etc, but my guess is that at least one of these defensive players may not get re-signed (and I believe they only have until tomorrow to work something out…no?). Anyway, Lewis, Scott, Suggs and Leonhard would all be potentially valuable additions to the Packers.

5 Responses to “TT – keep an eye on the Ravens”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Suggs is going to get franchised by the Ravens, so we can pretty much take him off the list.

  2. Ace Says:

    Jeremy on target–Suggs is the franchise player. I think the Pack will look at Haynesworth or Peppers, but both are going to be very expensive. Concern-Haynesworth played for free agent money this year and could be an overweight slug when he gets his big paycheck unless it is loaded with incentives. Think Cletidus Hunt. Capers ——-Peppers= Packers?? JP wants Dallas but would consider 3 other teams, 2 in NFC. I say one is GB, but will TT take a big $ gamble-maybe not.

  3. 56coop Says:

    This is off subject but the Panthers just signed a deal with an offensive tackle for 30.5 million over three years. It appears to me that it’s not going to be too long before something has to give. I realize that the NFL gets big revenues from TV, DirecTV, etc. but when lineman start making 10 mil a year it appears to me that it won;t be too much longer before football games will no longer be afforable to most folks. And the salary cap is scheduled to disappear in the next year or two. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

    Also, Panthers franchised Peppers so I’d say at 16 mil plus there’s not much of a way that TT brings him to Green Bay. Too bad!!

  4. Green Bay Packers Combine and NFL Draft Projections 2009. l Packers Lounge Says:

    […] 2. Packers could make a push for linebacker Bart Scott or safety Jim Leonhard. […]

  5. DaveK Says:

    56coop – I believe the salary cap is derived by taking a percentage of revenue that the NFL teams take in from various sources. If revenues decline then the salary cap will go down. And, I don’t think we make it to an uncapped year. The NFL and players will eventually find a way to split a very BIG pie. It’ll take pushing up against a deadline to get the deal done just like last time.

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