Peter King’s role in Favre to Jets


Excuse this brief post re something pertaining to football (I’m very much enjoying the movie discussion!). As many of you know Favre has “retired” again. We’ll see if it sticks – sounding like it will. But I was reading a Peter King article Monday (Peter King may be one of Favre’s best friends) and came across an interesting sentence. Here is the article in its entirety. Below is the snippet I found curious (Peter King is the first person here):

Tannenbaum wanted Favre badly. I said to Favre he should at least talk to Tannenbaum; why wonder sometime down the road if it might have been a smart way to spend one or two final years in the NFL? A few nights later, Tannenbaum and Favre finally spoke and Tannenbaum began the sales job on Favre.

Uh, isn’t Peter King a journalist? He admits in the article to having grown close to Favre over the years, but, um, isn’t he a journalist? Can’t help but wonder if in the process of encouraging a meeting with the Jets, King also stoked Favre’s fire toward TT and the Pack?

To be honest (an expression that begs the question: do I usually lie all the time?), I will admit that I am suffering from Favre fatigue. I will always respect him and as time heals things, I’m sure I’ll be fine letting him back into my Packer world. But for now, I’ll just say it’s been a sad ending to what really has been a great career. And his final season, in a way, was somewhat representative of his career: incredible start, breaking records, leading a 4-12 team to an 8-3 record, highest completion percentage in his career, only to be nagged by interceptions and erratic play down the stretch that contributed significantly to the downfall of his team – but like he did almost every year of his career, he still finished with a winning season.

3 Responses to “Peter King’s role in Favre to Jets”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Just an example of how Journalism in all areas of interest has degraded to propagandizing for their own view points. King wantewd a controversy and he did everything he could to encourage one. And it is not an isolated incident. It happens across the board wheter it’s ESPN Fox Sports, SI or local media.

    Agenda Journalism is our Future!

  2. Joe Says:

    “Uh, isn’t Peter King a journalist?” Is that a trick question?

  3. DaveK Says:

    I think it is a balancing act for journalists. They need access but what do they give up to get it? Where do you draw the line? To remain objective you need to keep enough distance from those you are covering. That distance also prevents you from becoming part of the story. Peter King crossed the line a long time ago with his reporting on Favre. With Favre, he prefers the relationship and access with Favre over being an objective professional journalist. I think King would even admit that. You just have to take that into account when King reports on Favre.

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