Reviewing 2008 NFL predictions with Gregg Easterbrook


Must read material here. I think ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback (Gregg Easterbrook, TMQ as he calls himself) is one of the best writers our there. He’s obviously very bright, but he’s also very interesting…and importantly, hilarious:

In mid-July, Pat Kirwan of declared with pseudo-precision that Favre was “80 percent” likely to return, this estimate attributed to “people close to Favre.” So, people who live in Sumrall, Miss.?

There is much more of this talent going on in this particular article recapping the 2008 season. He spends most of the article making fun of all of the wayward predictions made before and during 2008 (NFL predictions and other curious predictions beyond the world of football).

Unfortunately, Packergeeks is not big enough to be ripped in this annual Gregg Easterbrook undressing – perhaps next year. So, we want to make sure we remind you of some of the horrendous picks we made this year.  This is what Steve and I predicted at the start of the 2008 season. Highlights were both picking Pittsburgh for the playoffs, Cincy to stink (me), the Pats and Jets records on the nose, Minnesota to win the NFC North, Seattle to stink (especially Steve) and Arizona to win their division (both). Lowlights were picking Cleveland to win their division (both of us), Balt to suck (both), Dal and New Orleans to easily win their divisions (both), Jax to win their division, Atlanta to stink and the Rams to be 9-7 (me).

Our playoff predictions were not very good overall…

* VIkes, NO, Dal, AZ, Packers, Giants
* NE, Jax, Cleve, SD, Jets, Indy
* NFC Champs = Cowboys
* AFC Champs =Pats
* Super Bowl Champs = Pats

* MN, Dal, NO, AZ, Packers, Wash
* Cleve, Pats, Jax, SD, Pitt, Indy
* NFC Champs =Dal (barely over NO)
* AFC Champs = Jax
* Super Bowl Champs= Dal

2 Responses to “Reviewing 2008 NFL predictions with Gregg Easterbrook”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Just in case no one else has seen this yet regarding the switvch from 4-3 to 3-4

  2. The Six-Pack l Packers Lounge Says:

    […] 1. Here is an interesting review of some the 2008 NFL Predictions. […]

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