McCarthy facing must-win season


We have written on a few occasions about how this season will be a critical one for the future of the franchise, particularly for Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. If it’s bad, TT and MM may both be ushered out. If it’s OK (.500ish), my guess is that they’ll be given one more year to improve the team. If it’s good, they may end up being safe through the respective ends of their contracts.

Rob Reischel, a writer I must admit I’m not too familiar with, wrote a thoughtful piece this morning over at jsonline. Read here. His contention is similar to ours’ – that MM in particular needs to put together a decent season or he could lose his job.

For what it’s worth, I want to clarify my present position on Mike McCarthy. I know we were critical of him last year and I stand by that criticism. He made poor decisions at some crucial moments and his play-calling didn’t flow well too often. And, our team finished a disappointing 6-10 – which was due to some seriously poor play by some of our players, but also coaching. I like that MM took ownership of this – the first step to improving oneself of course, is admitting the problem (actually, that’s not really true – the first step is creating a problem in the first place, then you can admit it…)

But I still think he’s a good coach. I think this year, we’ll be reminded quickly that our coach does indeed have a gifted offensive mind. I have a hunch that because McCarthy has put the defense in the hands of someone he has more faith in, he’ll be able to focus more on offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pack’s offense ends up a top 5 offense this coming year (don’t want to reveal too much this early, but for some reason, I’m quite optimistic about this coming season). Anyway, I just wanted to make sure readers knew that I do support McCarthy and thinks he’s a good coach. Of course, if we’re 2-14 next year, I reserve the right to modify my opinion!


9 Responses to “McCarthy facing must-win season”

  1. Daniel Says:

    The big question is how the Capers 3-4 works, the offense will do a good job.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    MM is definetely worried about his future. Today – Packers are bringing in kickers to compete with Crosby. He had two chances to win games (that come to mind immediately) and missed both (Minn and Chi). That gets them to 8-8.

    Pressure to win now is becoming obvious.

  3. DaveK Says:

    I am optimistic about next year also. I think the offense probably takes a step foward. Rodgers has a year of experience and I would hope they upgrade at least one spot on the o-line. I think the special teams will be better. The punting situation has to improve. I think the 3-4 and the plethora of LB’s on the roster will help the coverage units. The big key will be the defense. If the unit jumps to a top 10 unit then this team is a playoff caliber team. Better defensive coaching helps but will they take a year to adjust to the 3-4? Defensive success will largely depend on T.T. improving the roster in some key areas. Get an impact player on the defense or o-line with that #9 pick and sign 2-3 upgrades in the defensive front seven and I think this team can really make a leap forward.

    I also think that T.T. and M.M. are a package deal. Thompson isn’t going to get another chance to hire another coach. The only upside to T.T. failing again this year is that Bill Cohwer may want the opportunity to coach again and Green Bay may be a really good fit. Storied franchise. The chance to bring along some of his mangement team and our defensive coaching staff seems to be Pittsburgh East.

  4. Franklin Hillside Says:

    They’ve got two years, both of them.

    I don’t want a situation like the Redskins bringing in a new coach every other year. A little continuity is a good thing.

    Bill Cohwer will not coach in Green Bay.

  5. Aaron Rogders Says:

    I agree with Daniel. Our Offense was not bad and will probably improve. So, we will be putting up points every game. It just comes back to the defense again. We play Lions, Vikings, and Bears each twice a year. I don’t think its possible to only win 2 games….

    Competition is always a good thing. It will help any player motivate them self to improve their play. So, that should only help Crosby out, or find a better kicker. It is a win win for the Packers.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    TT worries me more than MM. McCarthy is a good offensive coach from what I can gather. If TT makes no move for impact players during this years FA & draft I’ll be convinced he’s an idiot. If he doesn’t get the position players needed and then fires McCarthy after a poor or mediocre season next year there should be rioting in the streets of Green Bay.

    Continuity is a good thing as long as you are continuously improving (just ask Matt Millen). The thinking in N Carolina is Cowher will be the next Panthers coach. He just built a big house in Raleigh & if the Panthers do not make the Super Bowl next year (or at least get to the NFC Championship game and lose close) John Fox is gone.

    Going from a 4-3 to a 3-4 should not be a huge issue. These guys are professional football players (or are supposed to be). They have Capers & K Greene there to show them how it gets done. They all should be studying the 3-4 at this moment because they know it’s coming. They will need to use their brains as well as their muscles.

    Finally, I’m glad we made some changes at strength & conditioning coaches. Maybe we can avoid some of those nagging knee/hamstring/pulled back issues. I’ll never understand why they stopped wearing knee pads.

  7. 56Coop Says:

    I’m seeing lots of rumours out there about Peppers & the Cheifs, Ray Lewis & the Jets, etc. Nothing about the Packlers lookming at anybody–is that good or bad?

  8. Ron La Canne Says:


    The Packers are a closed organization and. as a result, are less susceptible to rumors flying around the halls. That said, I feel the same aprehension you seem to have. I have ZERO faith in TT. He is as inflexible as anyone I have ever been exposed to. Once he has decided on a direction no one can change it. My fear is that he believes he is a personnel selection genius and he will stay with his ussual FA approach, That is, he waits till everyone else has signed the impact players and pick up a leftover or two. And hope he can duplicate his luck with the signing of Woodson and Pickett.

    The only pressure to go into the FA market that may have an impact will be from the Exec. Committee of the Board. Murphy is not a leader in the organization, he is an errand boy.

    Jets looking at Lewis? Apparently, being $12 mil over the cap isn’t slowing them down any.

  9. 56Coop Says:

    Check it out Ron–TT does seem awfully set in his ways

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