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Nolan in Green Bay Tomorrow, A Second Candidate Emerges

January 7, 2009

Adam Schefter from NFL Network reported tonight that Mike Nolan will be in Green Bay Thursday to talk about becoming the Packers’ defensive coordinator.  Tom Silverstein has the scoop on another potential candidate here.


Ok, real rumor now: Mike Nolan new D-Coordinator

January 6, 2009

From our Madison correspondent Scott W, we have learned via a radio program that right now, Mike Nolan will be the new defensive coordinator and is in the process of assembling his staff.

Will update when more info available…

Packergeek applying for defensive coordinator position

January 5, 2009

Mike – Teddy – Marcus:

My name is Andy Hayes and I am writing to apply for the Defensive Coordinator position. I have never coached football and I have virtually no contacts in the sport of football at any level, much less the NFL. In my personal history of playing sports, I have never played a defensive position, and if the opportunity to play defense ever presented itself in a game situation, I demonstrated an alarming lack of defensive instinct. I am relatively weak physically, have a growing gut and due perhaps to excessive Pabst consumption, have some trouble processing thoughts quickly and/or remembering most things. I do speak Spanish.

Once you choose me as your defensive coordinator, the first thing I will do is cut Brady Poppinga (though Ted, Mark Murphy, I would be OK if you guys wanted to offer him a non-severance/severance package including a salaried position as a PR rep for the organizationgoing forward if that made you feel more comfortable). Then, I would put huge pressure on you Tedster, to sign UFAs OJ Atogwe, Terrell Suggs, James Farrior, Albert Haynesworth, Nnandi Asomugha, Julius Peppers and for field position purposes…Shane Lechler. Once we had those guys in the fold, I would spend most of my time in the booth upstairs sitting in an obnoxiously large leather recliner, drinking free beer, eating free sausages, socializing, talking about non-football things like the weather in Puerto Vallarta or my new roof rake and occasionally checking out the field to catch one of the 4 interceptions or 8 sacks my defense would average per game.

In short, if you want a dominant, creative, unpredictable defense, hire me. If you want a mediocre, offer-false-hope-because-of-two-good-games-only-to-be-followed-by-many-horrible-games kind of defense, hire one of the many re-treads you are rumored to be considering. (Though if you do hire Keith Butler or anyone who has ever seen Dick LeBeau live for that matter, I would be very understanding).

I would expect a salary of $1.4 million per year, with a bunch of performance clauses thrown in there. My contract should also include a membership to all golf courses in Wisconsin and a helicopter to take me to Door County whenever I deem it necessary.

Call anytime…Packergeek

Starting a rumor…Keith Butler new D-Coordinator

January 5, 2009

As I’ve done before, I am starting a rumor here that I’m hoping will spread to the Packers’ front office and lead to swift action. The rumor is this: Keith Butler (LB coach at Pittsburgh) will take over as the new defensive coordinator.

Keith Butler is someone I know virtually nothing about. However, I do know that he is the LB coach of the best LB unit in football and he has worked with Dick LeBeau. If we can’t just steal LeBeau with a $30 million, 3 year offer (which is what I’d offer him), the next best thing may be to tab his LB coach as our new defensive coordinator. I would consider hiring anyone who has MET Dick LeBeau.

Entire defensive staff fired except Winston Moss?

January 5, 2009

Reader Scott W in Madison, WI heard on the radio that this was the case and PFT is also posting this. Interesting development. I’ve never thought Shottenheimer was anything special and the rest of the coaches, not sure, frankly don’t know much about them (though they certainly weren’t successful this year). But Lionel Washington is one coach I’m a bit surprised to hear was let go (if this is true). Historically, the DBs have really enjoyed working with Washington and I read somewhere, several years ago that he was a very good coach.

My question now (if this is true) is: if Moss doesn’t get the Ram’s job offer and does indeed return to the team, will he be named D-Coordinator? Not sure how I’d feel about that because he’s not only a huge Brady Poppinga fan, but he also was the coach of a very poor performing unit…the LBs. At the same time though, when asked what he thinks of the present scheme at a recent press conference, he indicated that he prefers to tailor a defensive scheme to the strengths of the players he has, which made it seem like he’d be open to changing the scheme up some, which is something I think needs to happen (unless Jim Bates comes back to run it correctly).

UPDATE: ESPN and other sources now confirming this is true.

Sanders Gone

January 4, 2009

This from the (via Greg Bedard).

I think it was important to do this quickly.  Many teams are interviewing potential coaches and coordinators and there was a risk that by waiting the Packers could have lost potential coordinators just by being too late to the game.

I don’t think the Packers’ scheme was fatally flawed.  Remember, the Packers finished 11th in total defense last year.  But I do think it’s worth considering a switch to a 3-4 (given that many of the league’s top defenses are 3-4).  Greg Bedard mentions Mike Nolan — he’d be great.

More thoughts later.

LeRoy Butler wants a 3-4 defense

January 2, 2009

Today on WSSP, LeRoy Butler argued that the Packers should consider making the move to a 3-4 defense. He said that during the Super Bowl years, the Packers would sometimes go into a 3-4 defense, especially against West Coast teams. He said that whenever they did, it opened up the defense significantly. Butler noted that blitz options and coverage options opened up. And he noted that one thing he liked about the 3-4 as a safety was that he found filling gaps for tackling (when opposing teams were running the ball) was much easier and he often got home for the tackle untouched. Butler went on to argue that the Patriots and the Steelers have had lots of success over the past few years in the 3-4 and that he believes it’s time for the Packers to follow this. He noted that the 4-3 can work fine, but it requires having 3 excellent LBs – which the Packers don’t seem to have right now.

I agree with Butler and I’ve written this before. I think it’s time for a change. Our defense last year wasn’t terrible, but it only ranked 11th overall in average yards given up per game (12th in pass defense and 14th in run defense). Not stellar. Our defense did keep us in some games and was certainly decent overall – and I think we all know that a good pass rush can make our bump-and-run style work out reasonably well. But it’s been a long time it seems, since we’ve had a suffocating defense that scared opposing teams – like Pittsburgh does every year. Let’s strive for that with something new. We could draft a nice LB or two or maybe find one in free agency or trade for one. Whether Sanders stays or not, I do think it’s time to consider mixing things up.(Butler also talked about a few of the D-coordinators presently on the market like Crennel and Mike Nolan, noting that they are 3-4 guys…not sure if Butler has any reason to believe Sanders may not last much longer or if he was just talking, which is always possible with him).

Another Stock falls

January 2, 2009

Mike Stock has decided he wants to retire…apparently. Read here for more. Something tells me that TT’s conversation with Stock was similar to the one he had with Favre before Favre “retired:

TT: Mike, we appreciate all you’ve done here. Man, gotta be honest though, you look like you’ve aged big-time over the last year and it couldn’t be more obvious that coaching has taken it’s toll on your life and your family. Don’t get me wrong though, we want you back. But if it were me, there’s no question that at 69, the golf course would be calling my name, as would grandkids and the wonderful opportunity to spend most of my free time with family that loves and cares for me and has supported my hectic coaching life for years. But that’s just me. It’s your call.

Stock: Fine, I’m done.

Australian Tea Tree Oil

January 2, 2009

This morning, as I was considering which shampoo to use, I noticed I had several options that touted having the ingredient “Australian tea tree oil”. I have noticed this odd ingredient before but I’d never really thought much about it. Anyway, this morning for some reason, I not only noticed the ingredient, but I really wondered about it. My exact thoughts were: “why the ;lkhj982198a0-q* would anyone put oil from an Australian tree in shampoo?” and ” I would like to meet the guy who said to himself one day ‘I MUST get this stuff into shampoo immediately'”.

(By the way – this isn’t the first time Packergeeks has wondered about shampoo ingredients – read here for a theory that argues that this process may involve the consumption of multiple Pabst beers.)

(By the way II, for those curious, check out wikipedia here for a bit of an explanation re how Australian tea tree oil rose to prominence.)

My money is on Favre retiring…finally

January 1, 2009

Read here from ESPN – Thomas Jones and other teammates have been saying pretty disparaging things re Favre lately. And not the kinds of things that are easy to gloss over or later explain away as a “simple misunderstanding”. These are pointed words from Jones. It would shock me at this point if he decides to come back. It is time for him to retire. The apparent injury, the poor play and now clear frustration of teammates – it’s just time now. It is hard for me to read articles like this and see Favre’s once glistening reputation further diminished…and harder still to know that he’s brought this on himself because of his behavior and poor play. Just a sad ending to a career.