Favre to Vikings?


I came across this rumor originally from the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I was starting to enjoy not having to worry too much about Favre’s annual retirement indecision. But if he doesn’t retire and does indeed head to Minnesota, I would not be happy. And not just because I do think he could make that team better (though he’d have few players to pass to), but I worry more about how that would further damage his reputation with Packer Nation. I was not happy when Sharper defected, and especially unhappy when Longwell did it (though I do understand that the Packers had a chance to re-sign them). (By the way, I did like Longwell when he was in Green Bay – seemed like a neat guy. But the guy always did watch his stats and the reason I believe he picked Minnesota, is because he knew he’d have better stats kicking indoors.)

Anyway, my point is this: if Favre goes to the Vikings, many Packer fans will appropriately view that as Favre trying to get back at the Pack. If he went to the Lions or 49ers or something, we wouldn’t care. But if he goes to the Vikings, that would hurt a lot. I hope that doesn’t happen.

17 Responses to “Favre to Vikings?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    That would truly be disappointing. I rooted for the guy his entire career including this past year. I really don’t want to see Brett Favre walk into Lambeau in purple. One of the greatest Packer players ever playing for the Vikings. Ugh…

    I do think Favre is still good enough to take a really good team to the Superbowl. It would have to be a team with a solid line and running game. If Favre didn’t have to be the main playmaker each week I think he could hold up for a season and be very effective. The Vikings are probably a good of a fit as any team. Good defense. West coast offense. Good line. Great RB. I doubt he takes them over the top so to speak but he definately improves that offense.

  2. Joe Says:

    I am getting to the point where I want him to fail. I don’t like this, but that is where I am. If he puts on the purple, I think he will be dead to me.

  3. Davis Says:

    This will never happen. Thompson stipulated that if NY ever traded him to Minny, they’d have to forfeit 3 first round draft picks.

    Woody Johnston wants Favre to stay in NY, he’s made that clear several times, but at 40 and injured, ‘tho Shecter says he will not need surgery, and apparently the two sides are getting together next to discuss the situation..I don’t see Brett going anywhere but home.

    The Favre discussion is fascinating. I wonder what his career would have been if he’d had the great good luck of Kurt Warner, who twice in a lifetime has been gifted a superb supporting cast.

  4. Dave Says:

    I’ve long been of the opinion that Favre didn’t care much about the GB fans. He would say the fans are great while he was here, but wouldn’t do much along the lines of interacting with them. I would accept it while he was a Packer and just chalk it up to his burden of being so immensely popular that he has to pull himself back to get away from it.

    During this whole unretirement fiasco I’ve come to realize he in fact does not care for the GB fans. Sure, he still wants us to buy his stuff, but that’s about it. I still appreciate what he did for the Packers, but overall I think he’s just kind of a prick. If he goes to the Vikes, I’m all through with him.

  5. awhayes Says:

    Davis – the key point in the referenced article was that the Jets might simply put Favre on waivers, making him a free agent. Seems improbable that they’d just dump someone like Favre, but his cap number is so big that it may make some sense if they could use more cap room. And because the Jets wouldn’t be trading him, they would avoid the whole poison pill scenario, thus enabling Favre to sign with any team. That’s why this is a real possibility.

  6. RayMidge Says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t think it would bother me that much at this point. Favre is just another football player, last summer and this past fall erased any illusion that he is special as a person. It would be wierd to see him in purple, but not heartbreaking.

    And I agree with those above who think he’ll retire for good, anyway. Up until this past season Favre was always able to stay above the fray, I think this past season aged him mentally more than the previous 16 put together.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Davis – Yes, the Jets cannot trade him without giving us additional picks but they can simply release him with no penalty or additional picks. Favre can then sign with any team he wants.

    The problem the Jets have is that they are way over the cap for next year. (thanks to their crazy FA spending last summer) By Feb. 28th they have to shed like $15 million in payroll to be under the cap. Favre’s cap number is $12 million. They either need to release Favre, redo his contract, or release some other players. They probably do not want to release other players if Favre is going to just retire anyways. So, Favre holds the power. He can just wait till March to decide and that forces the Jets to release him unless the Jets are willing to cut other players in the hope that Favre might return. I doubt the Jets scuttle the team in hope of Favre’s return. If Favre waits till Feb. 28th to make up his mind he will get released.

    If he decides to play again and wants to play as a Jet he is probably going to have to redo his contract. Maybe he loves the Jets and if he plays he wants to play there. Maybe he wants to play for the team that best gives him the chance for a ring which might be the Vikings. Who knows what Favre wants at this point but he definately holds the power to force his release from the Jets if he wants out of NY. We’ll know shortly – the Jets want (need) an answer in the next few weeks. I’m sure we’ll start getting leaks if Favre is intent on forcing his release.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i would love favre to the jets. i am absolutely full circle on this schmuck. and consider — tarvaris jackson’s qb rating (granted not a full season, but still) – 95 qb rating, 9 td’s, 2 int. favre — 81 qb rating, 22 td’s 22 int.

    as crazy as it sounds, the vikings would not be marginally better (and by the numbers would most likely be worse) with favre, and the circus of crap that is #4 would land on our biggest division rival.

    last year i prayed for it not to happen. this year, i’m praying it does. and i hope he gets there sometime in late july, has to learn a new system again, and that his teammates bitch about him being a recluse after another 20+ int. season with another december shoulder/mental breakdown.

    in one year, this man has gone from being a god-like figure who carried a franchise and gave its fans hope – to a selfish cancer being passed around the league.

  9. Trav Says:

    I’m with joshy on this one. Given the 2nd half stats for #4, I am fine with him in Minny next year. Put 8 in the box to stop Petersen and dare Favre to throw. He could put up a monster game like he did this year vs. AZ, but I would say odds are against that.

  10. DaveK Says:

    I guess I disagree on Favre’s ability. I think his game went downhill in NY when the Jets running game disappeared and their defense starting getting gouged. The more he had to do the less effective he became in NY. You put Favre in a west coast offense with a good RB and o-line and Favre still has enough to win a fair number of games. That is also true of 20 other QB’s in this league but it was not true of Tavaris or Gus. Favre is an upgrade to MN and he makes that offense better even if he is just average at this point in his career.

  11. Davis Says:

    I’d love to reply to all your interesting posts, but in the aftermath of my Rodgers post..I’ll take a pass. :):)

  12. 56Coop Says:

    Favre gave a lot to the Packers and vice versa. He has proved he is/was a great football player as well as a self serving prima donna. Like many others he has played past his prime and may continue to do so. I hope he does not get hurt. I am at odds about how I would feel if he actually does end up at the Vikings. I do really think he would do almost anything to create problems for TT. Obviously I would hate to see him go to the Vikes and have a good year for obvious reasons. I am afraid if he ever walks into Lambeau in Purple, or any other color for that matter, my desire to see him not get hurt might change a little. Might be a little justice in a Collins/Kampman hit taking him out of football.

    What I would like to see is a Packer fan poll–Regardless of what happens–does he get to come back and retire as a Packer and go into the HoF as a Packer? My guess is if he quits now there would be a majority in favor of him doing so. If he goes to the Vikes I think that poll would change drastically.

    Also, who would cause the most trouble for the Pack at QB spot for the Vikes? Favre or Michael Vick? I saw at least one Viking blog where he was mentioned. Personally, if he gets reinstated I might just give up on the NFL.

    But as far as Green Bay is concerned–Rodgers is the man & I agree with the post (I think it’s on the Favre didn’t call Rodgers back thing)–Aaron just needs to not let his career be so about him being Favre’s replacement. He needs to go out & WIN.

  13. Kozak Says:

    Well if Favre plays for the Vikings I for one will be rooting for him to have one of those “pick six games” when we play him….

  14. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i do think you can appreciate what he did for the packers, be all for him going to the hall as a packer and the packer hof – and still have a slight desire to see hawk clean his purple clock next year in a ‘six-picker.’

    i think people often have a hard time despising someone in the present while appreciating their prior value and worth (and vice-versa). we should be able to do so.

  15. DJ Says:

    As dumb as the vikings are, who says they want Favre? For some unknown reason the team still seems to be married to TJax and bringing in boy blunder would only delay his (potential) development.

    Joshy, you’re right on. At some point all this noise will blow over and Favre will walk into Lambeau once again (as part of the GBP alum game) and be greeted with a standing ovation. Time heals most wounds.

  16. Cindy V Says:

    I just want Brett Favre to go away. He should have stayed retired and never went to the Jets. He had a good half season, but ended up with a hurt arm, a poor passer rating, and teammates who hate him. You gotta wonder if it was worth it. I can only hope Brett retires and stays retired.

  17. ja Says:

    I think a Packer/Viking game with Favre in purple would be great fun. You know players don’t hold grudges the way fans do. There would be smiles and good-natured ribbing all around. Heck, it might be the best way for Rodgers to get over his obsession with Favre.

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