Capers is New DC


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  1. 56Coop Says:

    OK, so now we have Capers. He says he likes the 3-4. Julius Peppers has said he does not want to return to the Panthers but wants to go somewhere that he can be a factor & feels he can offer a lot to a 3-4 defense. Capers has coached Peppers before. Getting Peppers would be somewhere close to when we got Reggie. Man it’s nice to dream.

  2. dreampipe Says:

    Peppers is coming! I just know it. He will be a very Reggie-like addition, and you can bet he knows it. I’ve read some Capers bashing on other websites, but Capers should do very well for us, especially if he employs a hybrid 3/4, 4/3 defense, and Peppers could open up so much for guys like Kampman, Hawk, Jenkins, and Montgomery. Capers will even improve our secondary, which is near the top of the league already! This is good… can’t wait to hear what he has to say when introduced to the team/city/state.

  3. dreampipe Says:

    I know dreaming’s in my name, but I just think Peppers and Capers sound delicious together. Great flavor, and should blend well, and enhance the uncured meat locker that is our defensive personnel. I used a food/cooking analogy earlier this offseason in another post here on PG about Free Agents: We have a much better chef now, bringing better recipes to the table, but we still need some Peppers for that extra punch! I trust that with our cap number being where it is, that this will be the year for TT to pull the trigger on the right FA stud… unlike last year and Jared Allen.

  4. awhayes Says:

    hilarious dreampipe. my wife is quite the chef herself so I have to admit, I know what capers are!

  5. DaveK Says:

    Just a note on free agency – It looks the Packers have a huge cap number to play with but what that number doesn’t tell you is how many players are set to become free agents after next season. There are some key contributors and if the Packers wish to extend them it is going to seriously eat into that cap number. Jennings and Collins alone are going to take a big chuck of that cap number. You also have Kampman, Pickett, College, Spitz, Moll, Chillar, Tauscher, and Jolly I believe are all free agents after next season. (not to mention Clifton being a FA this year) I’m not saying you extend all those guys but a few of them are going to be extended and eat into that cap number. Last year, the Packers had a huge cap number available and very few players in a contract year to extend. It was disappointing to me they were a tad more active in FA. I wanted Alan Faneca! But, they then used a HUGE chunk of that unused cap space ($14 million) during the season to extend Rodgers which essentially makes his cap number extremely low going forward. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there to consider when we are start talking about our dream FA acquisitions. They come at a high price and it does limit what the team can do in the future in regard to future FA’s or extending their own players so you better be sure they are worth the price for more then just one year.

  6. verno329 Says:

    Just to give everyone a headsup, I live in NC and have watched Peppers play for the last couple of years and I don’t want him. He is a tremendous athlete and can do incredible things. But he doesn’t give his all on every play, is not a leader, and is gonna require big time money. He is an extremely frustrating player to watch because he can do SO MUCH but he does not play with passion or intensity, bottom line. Just my thoughts but I don’t think he would work in Green Bay.

  7. verno329 Says:

    Also, when did Capers coach Peppers? He was fired from the Panthers before Peppers got there

  8. awhayes Says:

    verno – interesting perspective. A lot of NFL people wondered what happened to Peppers in 2007 when he was so mediocre – he was mostly non-existent. I would have concerns about signing a player like that (though an argument could be made that Peppers trying 1 out of every 3 plays is infinitely better than Michael Montgomery trying all the time). One compelling stat to me though is that this past year, he had 5 forced fumbles to go along with his 14.5 sacks. Not sure the Pack forced that many fumbles as a team this year!

    DaveK – good point about needing money for other signings. In addition to the guys you mentioned, there are others who will need new contracts relatively soon. Still though, of the players you named, I think Jennings, Collins and Kampman are priorities (though I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Kampman lured as trade bait if it’s determined he doesn’t fit the 3-4…though I think he’d be great as a huge Mike Vrabel-like OLB).

  9. 56Coop Says:

    My bad Verno–didn’t realize Capers had been gone so long (or maybe it just seems like Peppers has been here forever)-my but time flies–but I have to disagree with your assessment of Peppers. He had a bad 2007 but I really don’t see him taking plays off & I think a new environment , especially one like Green Bay would certainly revive his drive. Hell, Carolina gets two TD’s behind and people are headed for the exits. That don’t happen in GB. (BTW I’m from NC too)–

    I like the food analogy dream pipe

    DaveK brings up some very good points & I’ll tell you if Peppers is someone we go after–he WILL be expensive. I’m not saying that there are not better (less expensivle lesser known) candidates out there, and you guys research this a lot more than I do, but if somehow Peppers does get here I don’t think it’ll be a disappointment

  10. verno329 Says:

    I’ve just seen him get dominated too many times by either a tight end or a backup tackle to think that he wouldn’t absolutely infuriate me if he was a Packer. There is no argument that he is a special athlete but he has zero passion. I just think that if he came to GB we would spend at least 50% of our time wondering just what the hell he is doing out there. A new environment isn’t going to suddenly create passion where there is none. He wants to be paid like a superstar player but doesn’t want the attention that comes with it. I’m not trying to say he is a bad player by any means but don’t look at Peppers as a savior Reggie White type of player. He just wouldn’t have that type of impact.

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