Nolan Gone, Williams Going


Greg Bedard blogs that Mike Nolan is going to the Denver Broncos and Gregg Williams may be headed to New Orleans.  There are others.  Here’s hoping that we lost Nolan (or Nolan and Williams) because we didn’t want them and not because we didn’t act.  (HT, Cindy V.)

20 Responses to “Nolan Gone, Williams Going”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Let’s hope TT and MM have an actual plan. I’m pulling for Sean McDermott. Yes, I was influenced by the actual performance of his charges in the Philly win yesterday and throughout the season. As an old wise man once told me, “History is the best predictor of future behavior.” There may be more candidates out there (Aaron brings up Capers) but the pool is shrinking. I’d like to see some movement on the part of the Packers. I know that can’t happen if it is someone like McDermott.

    As long as it is not Moss or Lewis. If either of them were hired it would be for all the wrong reasons. Niether has demonstrated skills that would lead you to believe they could take a defense with problems and create a fix in a short period of time.

  2. bucky Says:

    Allow me to blow my own horn for a minute. . . .

    I think if you click the link on my name, you’ll find that 4 months ago I predicted a Steelers-Eagles Super Bowl, with the Eagles winning. That pick is looking pretty good now, though it sure didn’t look good two months ago.

    What do I credit for my incredible foresight? The same thing that is responsible 99% of the time when someone predicts something accurately: luck.

    With that in mind, I’m gonna be rooting my ass off for the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Go Cards!!

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Time Out – Latest rumor via Denver Palyers — They were told it is Capers. So, Nolan is BACK.

  4. The Choj Says:

    Bravo on your prediction…as far as the Cards go,
    I live in Tucson, and was one of the lucky few who got tix to the NFC Championship game (that sold out in 6 minutes!) While it won’t be the same as sitting Lambeau last year at the same time, I am still excited to adopt the Cards as my team for the weekend and hopefully the Super Bowl

  5. Dave In Tucson Says:

    1) Not having a plan is bad; losing someone because of inaction is bad, but….

    2) The more I heard/read about Nolan’s history as HC/DC, the more it seemed like a bad idea for the Packers to go after him.

    Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, but I’m at least somewhat heartened that the Packers haven’t just jumped at the first available warm body.


  6. DaveK Says:

    After reading the Gazette article this AM it seems that maybe MM isn’t dragging his feet at all but the two guys he wants to hire just do not want to commit to the Packers. It sounds like Nolan chose Denver over Green Bay and Williams is waiting to see if the D.C. job in Tenessee opens up if Schwatz gets hired to be a head coach. That probably puts MM is a spot – does he wait to see if he gets the two guys he wants but if he waits too long his 3rd-4th-5th-etc options may be committed elsewhere as new head coaches fill their staffs out.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Dave, I think you’ve summed up the situation quite well. The question I would have is why is GB is not able to draw the teir 1 candidates? I’m affraid there is something about the Packer organization that is causing apprehension on the part of the top candidates. Could that apprehension have the initials TT?

  8. DaveK Says:

    Ron – I have the same fear. This team needs a top tier D.C. if they want to win a championship. It would be nice to get some definative info on the Nolan situation. Maybe MM was sold on Williams on Nolan wasn’t going to wait around. Did they offer him the job and he wanted some time so they went on to interview Williams? Maybe their were family considerations, etc… Who knows but it would be nice to know what happended.

    I think the Williams situation may tell us something also. If the D.C. job in TN doesn’t open up and he chooses New Orleans over Green bay then I would say that is a very bad sign about the ability of TT and MM to attract top coaches to the staff.

  9. DaveK Says:

    From JSonline:
    “The reason for Nolan’s decision to accept the Denver job appears to be personal in nature, the source said, declining to elaborate further.

    Despite reports that he was all but assured of becoming the Packers’ defensive coordinator, it was clear from the beginning, the source said, that it was not a slam dunk. McCarthy not only understood that, but he made sure he didn’t paint himself in a corner by focusing solely on Nolan.”

  10. DaveK Says:

    From Jason Wilde:

    “another league source said Monday night that Williams is seriously considering accepting the same job with New Orleans. Williams could join the Saints as soon as today, the source said.”

  11. Ron La Canne Says:

    Dave, I’m afraid, very afraid! TT’s interview with Silvertein gave me much to think about. Like this comment about the draft, “There are a lot of reasons you would drop out of the first round and pick later.” This idiot hasn’t learned a thing. I’m afraid that people in the know in football are building a detour around GB.

  12. 56Coop Says:

    Here’s an interesteing article I ran across about TT iin USA Today just in case someone missed it. Seems to give insight to his “philosophy” anyway — although I don’t think there’s much in it that has not already been brought up on this blog:

    I did think this comment gives some insight about how he feels about fans:

    “I think it’s important for the people to know that we’re trying as hard as we can to do right by the Packers,” Green Bay Ted Thompson said. “That is important to me. Whether they agree with what we do day in and day out doesn’t affect us as much. It’s not fantasy football.

    For what it’s worth

  13. Ron La Canne Says:

    56, TT says, Yeah, We hear Ya, BUT……!

    SF Chronicle interview with Winston Moss: He is qupted as saying, ” I’d look forward to being the Head Coach at SF, or doing any other job that Al Davis has for me.” Doesn’t sound like he bought a two-way ticket does it? “And the Beat Goes On”, to quote thos two modern day philosopers, Sonny and Cher.

  14. PackerBelle Says:

    “Like this comment about the draft, “There are a lot of reasons you would drop out of the first round and pick later.” This idiot hasn’t learned a thing. ”

    Actually there are reasons to drop out of the first round – second and third round picks give you more bang for your buck. An economist actually did a study looking at the value of NFL draft picks by round and found that first round picks are not worth the money it costs to sign them typically. This is especially true if, like last season, you have a late first round pick. There really isn’t a ton of skill difference between a late first and and an early second but the price tag can be radically different.

  15. Ron La Canne Says:

    Belle, an economist? They really did a bang up job of predicting what happened to the economy didn’t they? As a retiree, with a background in retail financial analysis, I can assure you that the product of such an analysis is based on the input selected by the analyst. I wouldn’t apply too much credence to such a survey because personal bias usually overcomes objective parameters. In fact, I’d give it no more credence than I would give TT’s psuedo-math used to evaluate player risk (Justin Harrell).

    You’re a loyal suupporter of TT and that is admirable. I am not! The day he ruined the offensive line by dumping Wahle and Rivera, was the day I wrote him off. His extra draft choices have not provided the Packers with two adequate guards for the last four years. And if you’re a zone blocking team, you better have good guards. And don’t get me started on the D-Line.

    an economist?

  16. 56Coop Says:

    That was exactly my point Ron, “Yeah we hear ya , BUT… Needless to say I am not too confident in TT & I think the points you guys made earlier about the Pack not being a team that great coaches want to flock to may be very valid.

    And I am really beginning to worry that MM & TT may take too long to make a move so we end up again with a mediocre coach. I do hope, and Ron I think you made this comment earlier is that they are waiting for a chance at McDermott. I just hope they know something that we don’t & I hope we get some FA action.

    Hopefully this is just a bunch of useless handwringing & TT & MM turn out to be brilliant strategists 😉

  17. PackerBelle Says:

    Ron, some economist did see this coming. The problem with economics is that our data sucks. This isn’t like a clinical trial where we can randomize groups and control the circumstances. We have to take crappy data and try to tease out what happened. And when you are dealing with personal motivations and preferences, that is difficult.

    However, analyzing something like the value of a football player after the fact is easy to do. After all, you know what pick they were, their salary, various measures of their performance as well as information on other people in that position. That is pretty good data. In terms of predictive power, it’s not so great but in terms of assigning value it’s very good.

  18. Ron La Canne Says:

    To make the situation even more tenuous, just heard an interview with an on-air Jag analyst on WSSP (Vic Hesson?). He said this, “Flat out you don’t have the defensive talent in GB to play attack style, whether it’s 4-3, or 3-4. Overall GB’s defense is not good enough personnel-wise. On the other side Rodgers is going to be a franchise QB. He’s going to have a great future.

    Maybe this lack of talent is having a negative impact on our potential candidates? Why has the talent level on defense degraded so much? My answer , of course, TT.

  19. DaveK Says:

    I look at the Broncos defense I do not see any more talent there then in Green Bay. I can’t imagine that Nolan picked Denver over Green Bay because of talent. Denver’s line is in worse shape then the Packer line! Schefter on NFL network today was talking about Nolan going to Denver with such a young head coach. He was opining that Nolan was a good compliment to McDaniels and it was a real coup to get him. He alluded to some ties that Nolan has to the area and the organization which probably helped land him in Denver.

    I think Ron is correct that a top tier coach is not going to take a gig that does not have the personal to run his scheme. I don’t agree though that the Packers have so little talent that they can’t play attack style defense.

  20. DaveK Says:

    From Tom Silverstein:

    “An NFL source with knowledge of Williams’ intentions said it was his impression that Williams was leaning more toward New Orleans or Tennessee than Green Bay. The coordinator post in Tennessee would open if Jim Schwartz was hired by the Lions.”

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