Entire defensive staff fired except Winston Moss?


Reader Scott W in Madison, WI heard on the radio that this was the case and PFT is also posting this. Interesting development. I’ve never thought Shottenheimer was anything special and the rest of the coaches, not sure, frankly don’t know much about them (though they certainly weren’t successful this year). But Lionel Washington is one coach I’m a bit surprised to hear was let go (if this is true). Historically, the DBs have really enjoyed working with Washington and I read somewhere, several years ago that he was a very good coach.

My question now (if this is true) is: if Moss doesn’t get the Ram’s job offer and does indeed return to the team, will he be named D-Coordinator? Not sure how I’d feel about that because he’s not only a huge Brady Poppinga fan, but he also was the coach of a very poor performing unit…the LBs. At the same time though, when asked what he thinks of the present scheme at a recent press conference, he indicated that he prefers to tailor a defensive scheme to the strengths of the players he has, which made it seem like he’d be open to changing the scheme up some, which is something I think needs to happen (unless Jim Bates comes back to run it correctly).

UPDATE: ESPN and other sources now confirming this is true.


5 Responses to “Entire defensive staff fired except Winston Moss?”

  1. Packerholic Says:

    I agree with you with regards to Lionel Washington. I think the Packers should have kept him since I have always thought he was a good coach. Our cornerbacks have been a strength of the team for years now and I think Washington has been at least partially responsible for their consistently high play (as long as their is some resemblance of a pass rush). Plus he did a pretty job coaching Tramon Williams the last two seasons since Tramon Williams has established himself as the future replacement for Al Harris or Charles Woodson. Hopefully the Packers just fired him in order to let the new defensive coordinator chose his own staff. Hopefully the new defensive coordinator decides to rehire Lionel Washington since I really don’t want him to go.

  2. Dave Says:

    I too was under the impression that Washington was a good coach, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no one else that can do the job as well or better. The sweeping changes suggest to me that either Moss is getting the job and wanted to hire his own staff, or someone else will come in and be able to bring in their own people. I can’t say I disagree with this approach.

    What I wonder is if Moss isn’t the new coordinator, where does he fit in? Is a new guy going to want to have an extra defensive assistant head coach hanging around? Is McCarthy just keeping him on staff so it doesn’t hurt his chances in St. Louis?

    My guess is if he doesn’t get the Rams job he’ll be our DC.

  3. dreampipe Says:

    winston moss has been groomed to succeed Bates/Sanders. The Packers love to promote from within (I would like us to hire LeRoy Butler or Gilbert Brown in any supportive capacity). Here’s hoping Moss gets the Rams job, and we somehow score an “angry, insatiable animal” of a D-Coord

  4. dreampipe Says:

    im sorry, i meant “NASTY, insatiable animal”
    there, that’s better

  5. awhayes Says:

    Hey Dreampipe – funny you commented re LeRoy Butler. In my initial draft of the more recent post on Keith Butler, I was going to suggest LeRoy Butler be made part of the staff somehow too. I listen to Butler on the radio a fair amount and read him and he just makes sense. He knows what he’s talking about (on both sides of the ball) and he loves the team. In one of the last interviews I think someone asked him re the possibility of coaching and he indicated he really likes doing what he does now (not sure what that is exactly, but he likes it).

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