Australian Tea Tree Oil


This morning, as I was considering which shampoo to use, I noticed I had several options that touted having the ingredient “Australian tea tree oil”. I have noticed this odd ingredient before but I’d never really thought much about it. Anyway, this morning for some reason, I not only noticed the ingredient, but I really wondered about it. My exact thoughts were: “why the ;lkhj982198a0-q* would anyone put oil from an Australian tree in shampoo?” and ” I would like to meet the guy who said to himself one day ‘I MUST get this stuff into shampoo immediately'”.

(By the way – this isn’t the first time Packergeeks has wondered about shampoo ingredients – read here for a theory that argues that this process may involve the consumption of multiple Pabst beers.)

(By the way II, for those curious, check out wikipedia here for a bit of an explanation re how Australian tea tree oil rose to prominence.)


3 Responses to “Australian Tea Tree Oil”

  1. The Choj Says:

    Football not of interest today, Favre now has company in the 3-time MVP category…if anyone was going to get it, I am glad it was Manning, although this ensures that there won’t be a commercial without him in it next season…granted all the ones he is in make me laugh…Chicken NO!

  2. Kozak Says:

    Hey, at least they aren’t advertising “Now with Placenta”….

  3. awhayes Says:

    Kozak – laughing hard right now while being grossed out.

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