My money is on Favre retiring…finally


Read here from ESPN – Thomas Jones and other teammates have been saying pretty disparaging things re Favre lately. And not the kinds of things that are easy to gloss over or later explain away as a “simple misunderstanding”. These are pointed words from Jones. It would shock me at this point if he decides to come back. It is time for him to retire. The apparent injury, the poor play and now clear frustration of teammates – it’s just time now. It is hard for me to read articles like this and see Favre’s once glistening reputation further diminished…and harder still to know that he’s brought this on himself because of his behavior and poor play. Just a sad ending to a career.


13 Responses to “My money is on Favre retiring…finally”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Sporting News Radio is all over the Jones quotes today. There is absolutely no way Jones and Favre will be able to play together again. He is pretty much blaming Favre for not getting to the playoffs. Implying he is selfish and doesn’t care about his teammates.

    And the saga continues. Thank god, its’ not GB this year.

  2. Kozak Says:

    Lets see Jones rushed for 56,78,67 and 23 yards in the last 4 games.
    Oh yeah, no TD’s.

    Yup all Favre’s fault the sh#t the bed…..

  3. Mags Says:

    Don’t be so quick to condemn #4. Remember how ESPN was all over the story that claimed BF give inside information to the Lions? Whenever I hear criticism about BF, I remember Mike McCarthy’s pathetic statement that BF was not mentally ready to play football again. Remember also, that the GB organazation hired Ari Fleischer as a public relations spokesperson. When I hear Ari’s name being mentioned, I remember how he stood before the American people and the Washington press corp and told how right the US was to attack Iraq because of WMDs. He lied with a straight face then and I am sure he has not lost that ability.
    Yes, I am hoping that #4 retires as he has given his all to the sport. He has more class and will always have more class in his little finger than many of the talking heads on ESPN and its affiliates will ever have.

  4. Cindy V Says:

    The Sporting News ran an opinion piece saying that Favre played hurt to keep his starting record intact at the expensive of the team. Then Jones comes out and says they should have benched Favre for poor play. And to top it off, Bill Cowher says he won’t take a job with the Jets if Favre is quarterback. This is a very, very sad ending to Favre’s career. If he’s ending it. I hope the drama in Green Bay, the snapping back and forth with TT, the trade to the Jets, the leading the NFL in interceptions, and the 2 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in the last 5 games was worth it to Brett.

  5. Pete Says:

    This is simply New York media piling-on. All over Favre like a Senator on an Auto Exec – “quick, blame someone for all things we don’t understand. Align selected facts to support simplistic thesis. Typical elitist scapegoat response to unpredicted difficulties that self serve to attempt to salvage their “expert” status. Most Sports radio/TV experts are lucky to be employed in any capacity. We suffer through opinions, theories and gossip just for the opportunity to watch a game on TV.

    You could see Favre Jet low-light reel loop played just about non-stop on ESPN this morning, as a media sacrifice. True, dat, Mangini got tossed, but that was just new Years hors-devours. Favre is the main course.

    The brutal facts – NY Jets were no good to begin with. One guy on the team spouts off, and and an “anonymous GM” doesn’t like the idea of a celebrity QB, and Favre is labled an “evil has-been”. Yeah he’s not what he once was but he made more out of crummy team than almost anyone could have. What I am still waiting to watch the non-Favre Jet 2008 hi-light reel. Who were all the playmakers on the Jets that would have made it a 10+ game winner w/o Favre?

  6. DaveK Says:

    It may be true that Favre is a pompous prick or it may be just a few teammates who just don’t get the fact that a 40 year old QB with a family who is trying to learn an entire new offense is not keen on paling around with 20 something year old players with crappy immature personalities. It will be interesting to see if other players step up to defend Favre or pile on in the next few weeks. I think it will be telling if none of his teammates come out to defend him publicly.

    I am not a big fan of Thomas Jones. He has had trouble getting along with teammates in the past. If I remember correctly I believe the relationship between Jones and Cedric Benson was so bitter that the Bears figured they couldn’t keep both of them on the team and traded away Jones despite the success the two had together the prior year. I also think this is an idiotic thing to pull when you may have to suit up and play with the guy again. It’s not like the Jets have a quality option sitting on the bench. If you look at Jones numbers this year compared to last I think you make a case that Favre has been good for Jones and he should voice his complaints to the GM and/or new head coach and keep this kind of stuff out of the media.

  7. awhayes Says:

    Kozak – good point about Thomas Jones. I mentioned that in a recent post too – their run game was absent from their final 4 games and their run game was a big reason the pass game was successful. I’m not at all saying it’s all Favre’s fault. I still think he played a big role in getting an average team to 8-3 (by his play but also intangible leadership qualities), but I also think his play down the stretch can’t be ignored. Favre was really bad in the final games and his interceptions hurt the team big-time.

    Of course, the most interesting thing is that there was an article on some website (I actually think it was ESPN) stating that many Jets players were hoping Favre would come back.

  8. Trav Says:

    Interesting story and posts. It makes me wonder if the same sentiment was felt amongst Packer players, in particular after the 05 and 06 seasons, but no one would speak out given Favre’s place in the Packer organization? It appears as though it is a team divided given Jones comments and some others who mention that he needs to be at the OTAs, mini-camps, etc.

    I think this is it and it is ending about the same way I figured with the NY media going after him when the season ended with anything but a Super Bowl victory. Given the stats that Kozak posted, I think Jones should take a good look in the mirror as well.

  9. Joe Says:

    Farve deserves the heat. His QB rating was around 60 for the final five games. That is terrible. Most of his interceptions were not tips or freak plays, they were just really poorly thrown balls. Jones may have struggled too but that doesn’t make his comments wrong.

    He is an old, washed up, formerly great QB and he needs to realize this and move on with his life. He has enough money to do whatever he wants. Go fishing, hell get a fishing show on ESPN.

  10. 56Coop Says:

    There are now articles out there that Cowher isn’t interested in the Jets because he doesn;t want to coach Farve

    There will be no Cowher Power for the Jets. Bill Cowher informed the team last night he is not interested in their head-coaching job, and it could be because he doesn’t want to coach Brett Favre. The former Steeler coach was the clear-cut favorite to replace Eric Mangini among Jets fans, and the team’s ownership. Now, Woody Johnson must move on to Plan B. Talks between the Jets and Cowher never advanced past the preliminary stage. Sources close to Cowher said he did not want to have Favre as his quarterback, and that he also wanted to bring in people he was familiar with to handle personnel. A source familiar with Cowher’s thinking said before last night’s decision came down that the former Steeler boss would have to receive assurances from the Jets that the 39-year-old Favre no longer was in the picture before agreeing to take control.

    New York Post

    and that he Jets managment truely wants him to retire

    Word is that Jets owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum have both let Brett Favre know that they wouldn’t mind if he hung up his hallowed cleats this offseason even though they are publicly singing Favre’s praises. The pair apparently want Favre to come to his decision before the team signs its new coach. (Newark Star-Ledger

    Sad ending to a great career. Should have hung ’em up last year. I really thought he maybe had the moxie to pull off going to another team and doing well and in actuality for the first half of the season he did. I still think it’s pretty amazing that he went in to training camp after it started and played as well as he did. If it’s true that he started when he was injured just to keep his streak alive then that’s just another pointer to the fact that even though he is one of the best to play the game–the stats did matter to him even though he kept saying they didn’t.

  11. Cindy V Says:

    This today from Sports Illustrated Online:

    Teddy Atlas is one Jet who won’t be back next year. The famed boxing trainer and Jets “special assistant” ripped the organization and quarterback Brett Favre yesterday. Atlas, a close friend of Eric Mangini, said the recently fired coach was doomed from the moment the Jets acquired Favre. “Mangini went into the season ready for a whole different approach, whether it was going to be Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens (at quarterback), whoever won that battle,” Atlas told The Post. “It was going to be a secure, protect the ball, intelligent approach. It was something he was comfortable with, something he believed in. The whole plan, the whole blueprint got thrown out the window when Favre came. He’s the antithesis of that. He throws the ball all over the place.” Mangini brought Atlas in to work with the Jets, giving them boxing training in the offseason and providing motivational talks during the season. Atlas appeared on 1050 ESPN Radio yesterday, and talked with The Post about the Jets’ firing of Mangini. Atlas is listed in the Jets’ media guide as “special assistant – boxing.” Atlas said Jets owner Woody Johnson forced the trade upon Mangini.

  12. foundinidaho Says:

    Blame Brett, yeah, that’s the solution. I believe there is more than one player on the field at any given time and they all had to produce. The man is aging, yes, he’s got an ego and I’m sure that this was something of a lesson for him that he just can’t blow in somewhere and make a winner when he’s played in one system for so long. He was also apparently playing hurt and let’s not forget he had some fine moments this season.

    I hope he does retire, so that he can move on with his life and pursue some of the good things (charitable work etc.) he’s done over the years off the field.

  13. DJ Says:

    NY Jets did extremely well with Favre – Consider how much national press the Jets received this year for the single reason they picked up Favre. A PR play, not a football play. Why else would Goddell be so involved in what went on last year between the Packers and Favre? Favre is good for ratings.

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