Quick Detroit/NFL thoughts

  • Glad we won that game. While some did make the point (Brother Steve included) that a loss might have lit a hotter fire under the management of the Packers to make something happen in the off-season, I think ultimately it was important that we didn’t lose that game. We have some young guys (including a young head coach) with football egos still developing and a loss yesterday could have done major damage.
  • Rodgers was awesome yesterday. Watching and reading interviews, I know that Aaron Rodgers cares about his stats. He pays attention to them carefully. And, I wouldn’t doubt that when he threw the bomb to Driver he knew it put him over 4000 yards. And you know what? I don’t care if he tracks his own stats. Doesn’t bother me at all. If it helps motivate him to play well and it doesn’t interfere with him trying to win games, I could care less. I’ve been very pleased with Rodgers. Quality guy, quality player.
  • Grant finished the season with over 1200 yards – putting him at #9 overall in the NFL. Our expectations were certainly higher for him than what he produced, and I do have concerns about his role in not breaking the big gainers – but overall, not terrible. I also was very impressed with our back-up RBs: Jackson and Wynn. Both found ways to contribute significantly whenever they had a chance this year.
  • Defense was OK yesterday, but should have been better against lowly Detroit. I do really like this 2008 trend of interceptions. Collins and Woodson have to scare opposing QBs quite a bit not only because of the picks but because of their return abilities afterward. Tramon Williams has added nicely to the interception threat too.
  • I do wonder re Sanders’ job security. Replacing Sanders with Mangini would be a quick improvement as Bucky, Trav and others have pointed out if Mangini were willing.
  • Favre should retire. He didn’t look good yesterday. It’s too bad he had to go out like that. Despite being an important part of getting the team to 8-3 (yes the RBs were good as was the D and the O-line, but Favre was passing well and importantly giving the team needed leadership), he really faded down the stretch when the Jets needed him most (though their run game also faded big-time it seemed). It’s just time for him to go.
  • Good for Miami and Chad Pennington. I wonder what Brother Steve thinks now of my man-crush on Pennington.
  • Nice effort by Detroit as Ace said in a comment. They came to play and they played hard. They’re very bad, so they didn’t win. But they tried hard.
  • Anyone see Rian Lindell’s FG attempt in Buffalo? Hilarious. Wind blew it 40 yards to the right. Unreal.
  • Hard to watch that Philly/Dallas game not just because of the blowout but because I can’t stand either team.
  • Anyone watch Tarvaris drive the Vikes down the field for the winning FG? Nice. He and the Vikes face a big test this week against Philly.
  • Not sure how Wade Phillips still has a job. I would have fired him earlier this year. That guy is terrible. Talk about having a glazed over look on the sidelines! He just doesn’t look like he knows what’s going on or what to do next. He doesn’t have a big enough personality to deal with being the Dallas head coach. Holmgren would fit well there and he could help make Romo a complete player…perhaps one who can eventually win a big game.
  • Did Arizona switch back to starting E James again? I think so. Interesting.
  • I’m not sure Orlovsky is terrible. He has had moments this year that have been impressive (along with Detroit-like moments). Their QB situation will be interesting to follow this coming off-season – as will all the other drama.
  • Steve said the other day that he and I should apply for Detroit’s GM position. He said that it would be impossible not to do a better job than Millen and co. Impossible. He wasn’t being arrogant, he was being accurate. I would submit that anybody who has heard of the NFL could do a better job than those tools.

4 Responses to “Quick Detroit/NFL thoughts”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Sometimes the truth just hurts. Was reading Tom Curran’s take on the playoff picture and he had this to say while he was discussing Atlanta—

    “The Falcons are 7-2 in their final nine games and have shown an ability to play well on the road this season with wins in Minnesota, San Diego, Oakland and Green Bay. Not exactly the iron of the league”.

    I understand that this year makes us appear mediocre & I certainly hope the changes get made in the offseason to get us back to the “cream of the crop” level. (And it shouldn’t take a whole lot) At least we didn’t just crumble to dust like Dallas did. One thought that jumps out at me though–two of those teams that Curran calls not exactly the iron of the league–are in the playoffs.

    Guess that’s what parity does for you.

  2. bucky Says:

    I don’t understand the disrespect for Crennel as a defensive coordinator. He may be a lousy head coach, but I seem to recall he did a pretty good job as a DC with the Pats. Not sure he’s the right guy, but at least I’d talk to him.

    Another ex-DC is one I can’t believe still has a job- Marvin Lewis. He did a great job with the Ravens D for years, but outside of one year, he’s dopne crap as HC of the Bengals. I’d keep an eye on him as well.

    Wade Phillips as well has been a good D coordinator. But we may have to wait a while before JJ decides to can him. He will, though, mark my words.

    Finally there’s Dick Jauron. Again, a crappy HC, but also again, he’s had some success as a DC. And I gotta wonder about Jack Del Rio; is his job safe? He too could be worth talking to.

    My point is that it appears as if there will be a number of decent DC candidates looking for work this offseason. I think my favorite of the guys who are likely to be available is Mangini, but some of the other guys are at least worth a look.

  3. Scott W Says:

    Speaking of teflon head coaches (besides Wade Phillips), how does Mike Shanahan still have a job?

  4. Cindy V Says:

    Mike Shanahan doesn’t have a job. He was given the pink slip today.

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