Rodgers looks very sharp


Wow – Aaron Rodgers just had a really nice first half. He looks dialed in and his passes are really looking crisp. I’ve had it though with the MNF overplay of the Favre/Rodgers thing. I can’t until next year when producers may hopefully develop the sense to make sure that those incessant comments aren’t allowed.

It was interesting, Rodgers had a play where he dropped back normally, scanned the field and found nobody, and then got foot happy. He started hopping around and then it suddenly seemed like he told himself that he shouldn’t be hopping around so he stopped and set his feet and threw a strike to Jennings on the side. It was nicely done.

Keep it up Rodgers.


2 Responses to “Rodgers looks very sharp”

  1. bucky Says:

    Titico had Rodgers on his radio show this afternoon; he said that he should have charged Kornheiser $20 every time he mentioned the Favre/Rodgers thing, and he’d be able to solve the automakers crisis.

    Reading the JSOnline blog- Bedard (or was it Nickel?) called Chicago the “Beards.”


  2. 56Coop Says:

    If Monday night football brings those to PTI idiots back next year I swear I will not watch a MNF game. Jaws is OK but those other two idiots are just as obnoxious as they are on PTI.

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