Burress – not paying insurance


Ok, I just read the following from the AP re Plaxico Burress:

Add this to the growing list of Plaxico Burress’ problems: getting in a car crash and not having insurance on his nearly $140,000 Mercedes-Benz. The New York Giants wide receiver was sued last week in Florida’s Broward County Circuit Court for rear-ending a woman in May. Compounding the Super Bowl star’s defense, according to a document provided by the woman’s attorney, is the fact his car insurance lapsed three days before the crash. A letter from Allstate says Burress neglected to pay his premiums.Burress’ attorney, Adam Swickle, declined comment. Burress is still serving a team suspension for shooting himself Nov. 29 in a nightclub with an illegally carried handgun.

I just don’t get this. Just a couple of weeks ago, Shaun Ellis from the Jets was pulled over for speeding and the cops found pot, but more surprisingly found that Ellis also didn’t have car insurance. Maybe I’m just writing here from my watching-where-every-penny-goes mentality, but this seems ridiculous – especially on a $140,000 car!


2 Responses to “Burress – not paying insurance”

  1. Joe Says:

    Why should they carry insurance – they are self-insured. They can afford to take the one time hit and in the enjoy the time value of their money instead of paying for premiums.

  2. Cindy V Says:

    Many people feel that once the car is paid off, they don’t need insurance. If you owe on the car, the lender reequires insurance. Once the car is paid off, that requirement is no longer an issue. I believe in insurance, but most of the people in my Milwaukee neighborhood do not.

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