Bedard wants Albert Haynesworth AND Jason Taylor


Read here from Greg Bedard at jsonline this morning. He argues that the Packers should consider off-season acquisitions of both Jason Taylor from the Redskins and Albert Haynesworth of Tenn. Some may find Bedard’s inclusion of Taylor here a bit odd considering how poorly he’s played this year for Washington. The easier article would have focused on just Haynesworth, who is an obvious player the Packers should pursue very hard – a special player for whom the Packers should be willing to cough up huge money. (Imagine a line of Kampman, Pickett, Haynesworth and Jenkins). But he makes a compelling argument for just picking up both players.

Now, I don’t totally disagree with Bedard’s argument in part because his argument today is similar to the ones Packergeeks made prior to this season. I do think that if we could have both Haynesworth and Taylor on the team next year, we would be in really good shape on the D-Line. (Haynesworth alone, in fact Haynesworth on the line by himself would make it a better line – perhaps we could acquire him and play a 1-7-4 line-up…) Taylor has been weak for Wash this year, but if he were playing on a D-Line with Kampman, Pickett and Haynesworth (vs being on Wash’s weaker line), I would imagine Taylor could get back to causing problems for opposing offenses.

But I have 2 main thoughts after reading this article: 1) if the Pack goes after Taylor, they shouldn’t overpay for him and/or get into a bidding war with another team; and 2) as much as I would like to have both players on the roster, I think it may be time to switch to a 3-4 defense. Year after year, I watch the Steelers pick up LBs (some even cut by other teams like James Harrison) and make superstars out of them. Dick LeBeau for some reason gets less credit than the Jim Johnsons and Monte Kiffins of the world and I don’t get it. Teams should be analyzing every move this guy makes and doing everything possible to simply copy what he does. He is a defensive genius and the fact that he believes the 3-4 line-up is a better scheme should be reason enough to at least consider making this change.

Of course, the problem for the Packers is that we have a weak LB group. So, I would recommend we spend some money in free agency, cut Poppinga, let Bishop have a chance, give Lansanah a chance – do anything necessary to come up with 4-5 high quality LBs to make this work.


4 Responses to “Bedard wants Albert Haynesworth AND Jason Taylor”

  1. Bruce Johnson Says:

    I like the 3-4 for the Pack and a new def co-ord to work it in.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Lets see – move to the 3-4 although we really only have one linebacker worth a damn, oh and then we’d have to trade our best D-linemen, Kampman, because he doesn’t fit as a 3-4 end at all and can’t play linebacker. Not to mention the guys we DO have available to move to the end position (Jolly, Cole) suck.

    Love it.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Yeah a change to the 3-4 would pretty much require a complete revamp, with few exceptions, of the front seven. Of course, if we stay with the 4-3 we need a complete change, with few exceptions, in the front seven.

    Let’s be honest, the talent on the defensive front is lacking. If we’re looking for a change that will put the Packers back in to the title hunt, radical changes to the defense are neccessary. Will TT do it? I’m not do sure.

  4. awhayes Says:

    Aaron, what if the new defensive coordinator you so badly want to replace Sanders wants to go to a 3-4? It’s entirely possible. The 4-3 system sure isn’t working out too well. Again, there are genius defensive coaches (LeBeau, Belichick) who’ve been using the 3-4 for a while and people this football-wise wouldn’t use it if it were a bad idea. Kampman wouldn’t have to go, he’s savvy enough to be plugged into one of several positions. Look, we have a bunch of defensive improvements that need to be made this off-season, so why not overhaul the system and put in what that mirrors LeBeau’s system as close as possible – sure couldn’t be worse than what we had this year. And while I agree we don’t have a great LB corps, you have to admit it’s at least possible the 4-3 may not suit some of their strengths as well as the 3-4 might (I think of Hawk in particular here). Just copy Pittsburgh and draft and/or acquire through free agency players who will fit the mold.

    At the very least it’s worth considering. After a season this bad from the D-Line and LB positions in particular, EVERYTHING should be on the table.

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