Bears game – no win situation


I’m finding it’s a bit harder than normal for me to get pumped up for this Bears game knowing that the Packers are already out of it – and knowing that a loss would help the Bears while a win would help the Vikings. In particular, hoping for a win knowing the Vikes would be helped just sucks. This is like having to sit between an enormously fat guy on a plane who flabs into your space and breathes louder than the plane’s engine and some ‘eccentric lady’ (she refers to herself this way) who watches you come on the plane, waiting for you, for anyone, so that she can talk for the whole flight about many, many stupid things.

Anyway, read here from the Chicago Tribune, Bear DE Adewale Ogunleye:

Hate, hate relationship: Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye made it a point to express his hatred toward the Packers, Monday’s opponent.

“I think you [have to hate them] because if you don’t, the fans won’t like you,” he said. “So I hate the Packers. All the Bears fans know I hate the Packers. It’s a big rivalry. Actually, losing the way we did up there (37-3 on Nov. 16) makes it even more of a heated battle. … I can’t wait. I really, really want to try to settle the score.”

Ok, now I’m pumped – let’s embarrass them again and bring an ugly conclusion to their season.


6 Responses to “Bears game – no win situation”

  1. Joe Says:

    They are the Bears – I am genetically wired to hate them. I don’t care if winning does help the Vikings because as much as I hate the Vikings, we are talking about the Bears.

    To paraphrase Alan Iverson: “we talkin’ ’bout the Bears, man. We ain’t talkin’ ’bout no regular game. We talkin’ ’bout that Bears …” (repeat another 30 to 40 times).

  2. Cindy V Says:

    Atari Bigby’s lost season ended today as the Packers placed the safety on injured reserve.
    Bigby out for the season

    The Packers signed defensive lineman Anthony Toribio from the practice squad to the active roster to take Bigby’s roster spot.

    Bigby injured his hamstring just before halftime of the Week 2 game against the Detroit Lions. He missed the next five games. And while he came back to start four games after the bye week, he was nowhere near close to the impact player from a season ago. A chronic ankle injury has proved to be the most troublesome.

  3. Cindy V Says:

    Brett Favre of the New York Jets told reporters in New York on Wednesday that he hears the clock ticking.
    This from
    Favre’s at it again

    He told the New York Daily News that he has not announced his plans for next season, but he acknowledged that he is trying to soak in as much as possible.

    “I’m well aware of the fact that there’s two games left,” he said. “I’m expecting us to make the playoffs…but it very well could be my last. It could be my last three games, last four games. I don’t know.”

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    Cindy – To quote the great Husband and Wife genius team of Sony and Cher, “And The Beat Goes On” Tra la.

    So, NY has officially inherited “Tractor Watch”.

  5. Kozak Says:

    Any season with 2 wins against the Bears is not a total loss.
    Besides think how enjoyable it will be to watch the Queens make the playoffs and once again play like the Queens…..

  6. Bearsfan3445 Says:

    Loser Packer fans at it again.

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