Tarvaris Jackson…ummm…dominating


How do you like Tarvaris now? Yes, it’s only been a couple games, yes the Detroit and AZ pass defenses are mediocre to weak, and yes playing QB ought to be easy for anyone lucky enough to have that running game (though it never did look easy for Frerotte). Still, Tarvaris has had 2 very impressive outings in a row (QB ratings of 143.8 and 135.5 respectively) and was in good part responsible for winning that Detroit game. He got more help from AP yesterday in their victory over AZ – though his 4 TDs passes weren’t disregardable, as it were. And his overall 2008 QB rating of 96.1 puts him at #4 in the NFL for starting QBs, right behind Kurt Warner. While AZ and Detroit have weak pass defenses, both of these games were very important in the Vike’s race to make the playoffs – especially the Detroit game.

Of course, the best part of this is that apparently Childress is undecided on the starter this coming week. Read here for more. Seems incredible to me that this is even a decision. Tarvaris at a 96.1 rating playing really well and Frerotte at a 73.7 rating and owning the highest percentage chance of throwing an interception in the NFL. It also seems by how he is talking and acting, that Frerotte would just rather watch from the sidelines. I’ll bet he’s told his wife “I signed on to be a back-up, not the starter – no way I’m going back in there”.

(Though, whoever starts this week for the Vikes will likely lose anyway as the Falcons are going to take advantage of Pat Williams injury and run all over them – and just play better because they’re better).

(The sensible part of me wanted to wait to write this post until after these last 2 games – the impulsive, trash-talking part of me wants to remind all you doubters out there that this Packergeek has believed all along that Tarvaris is good and has the potential to be very, very good.)


4 Responses to “Tarvaris Jackson…ummm…dominating”

  1. Trav Says:

    Andy – I am starting to agree with Steve that you do have a full on man-crush on Tarvaris. You might be one more post away from a restraining order being issued in Hennepin County.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Actually Hennepin County did call to talk to me about Tarvaris for a few minutes, but they said that everything is just fine. I just need to make sure I remain 50 feet away at all times. That’s all.

    They did tell me one sort of odd thing though – that contrary to my report, Tarvaris apparently said he doesn’t intend to meet me in the morning at the bagel shop. Not sure what that’s about – I KNOW he does.

  3. Trav Says:

    Well played, sir….

  4. confusedbadger Says:

    Viking fan here (insert collective gasp), I think Jackson is definitely the better choice for the Vikes if they want to make it to the playoffs, (unfortunately Childress seems to have major difficulties when making quarterback decisions) but I think the fact that TJack has such a high QB rating is more of a reflection of how ridiculous QB ratings are in the first place. He is able to complete a high ratio of completions/touchdowns because we have a dominant rushing attack and the defense has to stack the line if they want to have a chance at containing AD and Chester Protector. Say Aaron Rogers was quarterbacking in Minnesota, he would look like an all star (especially with his mobility which absolutely shocked me in week 1).

    I actually think the Vikes will beat the Falcons this week, and here’s why:

    1. Even with Pat Williams out, we still have one of the best Defensive lines in the NFL, and we have very good tackling linebackers and corners.

    2. The Vikings beat the Panthers at home already this year, and they run the ball almost as effectively as the Falcons, with a better overall team (granted it took some huge plays from Antoine Winfield)

    3. Time for a stat that is probably b.s., but the Vikings are 6-1 since Madieu Williams has come back from his injury, I think he fills what was pretty much the only gap in our defense.

    4. I’m hopeless cynical optimist, so as much as I expect the vikings to break my heart in the long run, I think the Vikings will win every week.

    Hope the Pack take it to the bears this week

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