Tauscher out for the season


Read here from Jason Wilde. While it’s never good when someone goes down (especially Tauscher – easily one of my favorite Packers), the timing of this injury may be “good” for a couple reasons: 1) how the Packers perform in the remaining 3 games doesn’t really matter now that they are almost completely out of the playoff hunt and 2) as Wilde points out, Tauscher’s contract is up at the end of the year. While it stinks for Tauscher because he might have been a sought after free agent and he might have landed a nice contract, the knee injury might make him less attractive on the market thereby giving the Pack a better chance of retaining him for a value.

As much as I like Tauscher and in previous years thought he was massively underrated, I can admit that he has only been OK this year. Still, I would much rather keep Tauscher going forward than Clifton (who was overrated in 2007 and exposed in 2008).


3 Responses to “Tauscher out for the season”

  1. Ace Says:

    announcers yesterday called Clifton our pro bowl lineman. He actually had a good game yesterday and has been playing hurt a good part of the year. I would like to see both Clifton and Tauscher at tackle again next year. Colledge is my question mark. Plays well for a while then breaks down at crucial times–probably cost the Pack the last two games (as much as a lineman can do so at critical moments).

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    I’d like to see Tauscher and Clifton back next year because aside from this year they have been pretty good. But I also think we need some new guys to challenge them and to take over if need be.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Ace – The announcers yesterday, clearly hadn’t watched the Packers much. The one guy (not Tasker) made 3-4 errors that made me think immediately, “this guy hasn’t watched enough film on GB”. Clifton is not good. His knees are a real problem for him and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he shut it down soon anyway. He was very good in ’04-’06 or so, but he started losing it last year. It wasn’t as noticeable because the team was strong enough to just overcome occasional errors. Just like Al Harris went to the Pro Bowl in 2007 after a mediocre 2007 season (he was voted in in 2007 because he was snubbed in 2006) – Clifton went to the Pro Bowl in 2007 because many felt he was snubbed for 2006. This year, because the team isn’t strong, his errors are a bit more obvious. I think what has happened is that his knees (and hip?) have slowed him so much that he no longer has the agility needed for the zone blocking scheme (or it seems now, even for pass protection).

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