Tarvaris dominates


I believe Brad Childress was devastated when Gus Frerotte went down yesterday. After all, that meant the team would be run the guy he abandoned when the pressure became too much after just 2 games earlier in the year: Tarvaris Jackson. Jackson came in for the “injured” (dubious injury…dubious) Frerotte who appeared to be in line for a 4-5 interception game given how badly he was playing. Tarvaris has a higher 2008 QB rating than Frerotte and played very well yesterday salvaging what was shaping up to be a humiliating loss. S So the question is this: if Frerotte heals from his “injury”, who will Childress start? Frerotte has been horrible this year because he is horrible. But Childress unnecessarily added “for the season” when he benched Tarvaris earlier. So, if Tarvaris comes back and starts but Frerotte is healthy, then Childress will have to eat his words about his QB situation for a second time in one year.

All that said and as much as I like ripping on Frerotte and Childress, at least they have a shot at the playoffs.


4 Responses to “Tarvaris dominates”

  1. PackSmack Says:

    If Childress has to eat his words, no doubt he will choke on them – after all, he IS the coach of the Vikings.

  2. DaveK Says:

    That is like picking between a turd sandwich and a crap pie.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    giant douche. sorry to be a stickler. i wonder where that word came from – stickler? it sounds british – “i’d like to pop that bloke in his stickler for having such a bloody cheek!” or maybe more like something you’d take care of with a giant douche.

  4. PackSmack Says:

    Bullocks to that chap.

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