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As regular readers know, I think Mike McCarthy is good coach.  I don’t agree with his playcalling all the time — I tend to think he’s a bit too conservative — but I think the job last year is more indicative of his ability than the job this year.  So this comment comes from someone who isn’t exactly a McCarthy defender or apologist but is nonetheless more pro-McCarthy than not.

Dear Coach McCarthy,

You are insulting your players, your fans, Packer shareholders, and anyone who knows anything about football by continuing to blame the team’s woes on “pad level” and “leverage” — Football 101.  I understand that it would be impolitic at this point to say, for instance, “our left guard is not very good,” or “our special teams coach is out of his depth” or “Ted Thompson blew it when he picked Justin Harrell in the first round despite his history of injuries.”  So leave those answers aside.  But when you give the answer you gave at your press conference today it gives great pause to those of us who think you know what you’re doing.

It may have been the case that “pad level” wasn’t where you wanted it.  But something tells me better pad level would not have held Houston to, say, 300 yards of offense (or much less than 549).   There are real problems with the team, some of them no doubt exacerbated by injury issues.  But for what it’s worth I think you’d be much better off being brutally honest about the problems and straightforward about how you intend to fix them than to continue telling fans who know better that it was all about “pad level” and “leverage.”

Just my two cents.


See JS Online for more from McCarthy’s presser

(This season you’ve talked about execution and “we’ll get it fixed.” I guess people want to know why it hasn’t been fixed yet? Is it the players? Is there a disconnect between the coaches and players? Where is the problem?)

Well, that’s a pretty general statement and I understand it. We haven’t won a game in three weeks. If it was just one thing that we’re doing over and over again then I would take full responsibility for that and it really all starts with me. We’re 5-8 and we’re not getting it done at critical times and those specific plays are really highlighted. It’s really the little things. Going through the film again today. We’re talking about pad level, we’re talking about beating second reaction, we’re talking about leverage and things like that. That’s the game of football. You’re always coaching it and trying to clean it up week to week and we’re not doing it at a high enough level to win games right now. And that’s the facts.


One Response to “Pad Level”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Either MM can’t teach or the GB players can’t learn. There has been no noticable improvement since pre-season. The benchmark for future evaluation has always been starting at a lower level of competence and showing consistent improvement throughout the year. We have seen no improvement this year. In fact. I’d say I’ve noticed a precipitous decline in the past three games. Injuries are issues only to the extent that replacements are inadequate. In other words, all teams have injuries and how effectively are they replaced is the key. GB’s replacements are crap.

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