Charles Woodson – screwed


UPDATE: Oops- in my earlier post…didn’t clarify what I meant by “screwed”. Simply meant that Woodson may have had a chance at Defensive Player of the Year if his team were more competitive. Some of the national folk (and the NFL itself) have recognized him as being exceptional this year.

Not sure I’ve seen a player make as many great plays in one year on defense (especially a Packer) than Charles Woodson has this year. His leaping-over-another-player take down of Steve Slaton was as impressive a play from DB as I’ve seen in a long time. While some might argue that he has just been blessed with the opportunity game after game to make tons of plays because nobody else is making them, I’d first laugh and acknowledge there’s some truth in that, but then add that the kinds of plays he’s making (diving to break up pass plays, aggressive and sure tacking, interceptions for TDs, QB pressures, etc) are special by themselves. While few players on our defense will get good grades from me at the end of the season, regardless of what he does the rest of the way, Woodson gets an A.


2 Responses to “Charles Woodson – screwed”

  1. Joe Says:

    Do you mean screwed becuase he is on this team?

  2. awhayes Says:

    Joe – funny…I left out the most important part of the post…not thinking too well after such a crappy Sunday. Yes – in a way, he is screwed because he may have had a chance at Defensive Player of the Year had his team been better.

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