Delayed blitz call might lose game


Not sure if that was a Bob Sanders call or a Will Blackmon error – but we essentially played that play with 10 guys because Blackmon was on a useless delayed blitz. Stupid.


3 Responses to “Delayed blitz call might lose game”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Someone needs to answer for this debacle. The defense is absolute S@#t. TT is the idiot who gaves us the talent and Sanders is the idiot who can’t coach them. The D-Line is pathertic.

    1st down at the 25 and a 11 yard run – of course Moll gets caught for holding. Pass block you jerks. I don’t know Houston’s total yet but they had to have almost 600 yards of offense.

    Off with their heads. This team doesn’t deserve to wear the Greeen and Gold.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Amen, Amen, AMen, this is becoming one pitiful excuse for a football team. On the radio, Green Bay’s commentators kep saying that the Texan’s were no juggernaut on offense of defense–but we couldn;t play on either side. Texans have three TO’s & we lose. What did we end up 2/10 on 3rd downs? Absolutly no excuse for the last couple of games. None–Hell, unless we get some massive changes on O & D line next year, or something else changes somewhere to give me a glimmer of hope for this team I don;t even think I’ll renew my NFL ticket next year. This was absolutely just piss poor pitiful


  3. Aaron Says:

    According to McGinn’s article this morning, it was indeed Blackmon’s error.

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