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Since taking over as GM, the Packers record under Ted Thompson is 31-31 (including playoffs). While he’s had to manage through 2 major transitions (taking over from a bad GM in Sherman and Favre leaving), at some point, I do wonder what performance goals he may have to meet as an employee of the Packers to stay on through his contract (and/or beyond). I would think the Packers would take into account the difficulty of TT having to manage through such transitions. And I know that they are well aware of some of the quality moves TT has made so far. But at the same time, unless this 2008 team can make a last ditch effort to salvage a winning record, the fact will be that in 4 seasons as GM, TT will have only had 1 winning season – and 1 appearance in the playoffs. If this season doesn’t finish well and next year doesn’t go well, I wonder if his job would be in jeopardy.

(Note: I wrote this post mostly because I was surprised when I sat down and figured out the record under TT. I guess I assumed it would be a winning record at least. And for the record, I still believe we can salvage a winning record this season actually because the remaining schedule is just not that tough and I also think we’re a few good off-season moves away from being in good shape for next year).


7 Responses to “Did you know…”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Can’t blame TT for the 4-12. On the other hand I’m not giving him full credit for the 13-3 either. 31-31 sounds about right to me. He’s a 500 kind of guy.

  2. Taggart Craig Says:

    What an astute observation re TT’s record. I guess we’ve all been lulled and fooled by the 2007 season into thinking that 13-3 was now the norm for the Packers.
    Let’s see..TT and McCarthy got extensions, but Favre was told to shut up and go home. There’s something wrong with this picture.
    But..GB now has a young, bona fide very talented QB who should be a successful player for years to come.
    I appreciate his work even ‘tho I find it uninspired..phlegmatic. A QB is judged by wins, but if the architect of this brave new Favreless Packer world does not improve the overall team, Rodgers and by the same logic, the Packers, will not taste success even in this skimpy, pitiful NFC North.

    How can they possibly be only 5-7? Grim..downright grim.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Yeah, his job will be in jeopardy if they don’t make the playoffs next year. Fans are just not going to tolerate TT running Favre out of town and then missing the playoffs two years in a row. A good chunk of the fan base is already pissed that Favre is not on the team. The other chunk of fans are giving him the benefit of the doubt because they think/thought Thompson was a really good GM who had a plan to win a championship. Thompson needs results next year or he might be out of job and I think he is fully aware of that fact. I am guessing that will cause him to have a different attitude about spending some cap cash in free agency and I doubt we see him trading down in the draft. I would guess he will be hell bent on finding players that can come in and contribute right away. They make the playoffs next year and he gets another year. He misses the playoffs again and Mark Murphy will “cross that bridge”.

  4. Aaron Says:

    “If this season doesn’t finish well and next year doesn’t go well, I wonder if his job would be in jeopardy.”


  5. RayMidge Says:

    Yeah, I think it is all on next year. As high as all of our hopes were, especially after Rodgers’ early success, in retrospect it was always a long-shot that we could just transition into a new QB without missing a beat. Rodgers has been far from the biggest problem, but given the amount of claose games the Pack has been his inexperience has contributed to some of the losses. I think the foundation IS strong, so while I am disappointed that we haven’t had a “best case scenario” year, I am not overly concerned about the long-term health of the team. but long term health starts next year. this team will need to improve next year and make the playoffs at the very least. I have consistenly supported MM and TT, and I give them somewhat of a pass in this year because of the re-building. I also expect them to finish up well, but next year is the real test.

  6. The Six-Pack l Packers Lounge Says:

    […] 1. We will start with some interesting stats on Ted Thompson. […]

  7. 56Coop Says:

    Well if they are going to finish up well, the first half of today’s game is not a good sign.

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