Detroit to take down Minnesota?


OK, I know, my “Packers not done yet” optimism is getting obnoxious. But suddenly, I’m not sure this is as much of a crack-thought as it may have been a few days ago even. There are several reasons why Detroit may take down the nervous Minnesota Vikings:

  • Brad Childress (always a negative for the Vikes)
  • Gus Frerotte (always a negative for the Vikes)
  • The Vikings (always a negative for the Vikings)
  • Kevin and Pat Williams being out due to suspension
  • Culpepper being fired up and playing his first not totally crappy game (keep in mind that outside of some pressure from Jared Allen, Culpepper may have more time to operate back there because the suspended Kevin Williams is not only a monster against the run, but he also had 8.5 sacks this year)
  • Kevin Smith running wild on a suddenly weak run defense
  • Shaun MacDonald, yes, Shaun MacDonald, using the Vike’s secondary
  • a bounce or two finally going the Lions’ way
  • I don’t believe Minnesota has great kick-off/punt coverage and Detroit’s KR that Cason guy (with too many vowels in his first name) could take one to the house
  • The curse of the Vikings – the Vikes consistently, over the years, have found ways to puke it up toward the end of the season (remember the Vikes/Arizona game of a few years ago?)

(Of course the bigger issue could be stopping Adrian Peterson or any Viking because the Lions defense is incredibly bad. I am choosing to ignore this fact though because I don’t want to consider it right now).


8 Responses to “Detroit to take down Minnesota?”

  1. Bruce Johnson Says:

    Good, positive mojo, brother, I like it

  2. Aaron Says:

    Well, Detroit took them down to the wire in Minny, so anythings possible…


  3. Daniel Says:

    Go Lions!

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    My heart is with your pick. I.m not planning to bet.

  5. Wamzlee Says:

    I read a stat on that an 0-12 Lions defeated the Vikings at home in 2001.

  6. awhayes Says:

    Wamzlee – I like your research. Quality. Go Lions.

  7. Ace Says:

    Are the Lions that terrible? But for two late game picks they beat Green Bay. They have led several times this year but have no depth (and limited quality) thus wear out. I like your optimism but Detroit will be competitive until late third, early fourth quarter then Peterson will destroy them (as he did the Packers).

  8. 56Coop Says:

    Ah, wouldn’t we all like to see a Lions victory–obviously with a Packers victory.

    Totally off the subject (and maybe this has been brought up before on this blog) I was just curious if anyone has ever given any thought to ‘What if” Holmgren had stayed at Green Bay? Does anyone think that there is a possibility that we may have had a 4-5 year (if not longer) run like the Pats did? Just a wondering thought from a bored mind today.

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