2008 Week 14 Picks

  • Atl @ No (-2.5) – hard to pick against Mike Smith and the Falcons…ever. They have scored lots of pool points for me this year. But I think Brees will overwhelm Atlanta and get them out of their game plan of running Turner 40 times.
  • Cleve @ Tenn (-13.5) – Should be a terrible game. Ken Dorsey will throw an early TD pass fooling everyone into thinking this will be a game and then Tenn will stomp all over sorry Cleveland. Crennel will be gone the day after the season ends.
  • Cincy @ Indy (-13.5) – Recent vote of confidence for Marvin Lewis by Cincy managment (with strong implication that he’ll be back next year). Leads me to believe maybe Lewis isn’t the total problem there…management is. All of them should be gone next year.
  • Hou @ GB (5.5) – this is a stubborn pick. Hou scares me. Slaton, Schaub, Johnson, Daniels all scare me. But the Pack has to win this game and my guess is that in 22 degree weather, the team will finally show up with lots of passion and will themselves to a lopsided win.
  • Jax @ Chi (-6.5) – Chicago should handle Jax as Jax seems to just not care. But my guess is that Garrard, Jones-Drew and a few others will do enough to at least keep this a game. (By the way, Orton has followed very well my command a few weeks back to work on getting his QB rating back into the 70s where it belongs). Jack Del Rio to Packers as D-Coordinator anyone? No, actually I’d check with Jim Bates first.
  • Minn @ Det (+9.5) – Crack pick alert. It has to happen at some point and right now, this may be Detroit’s best chance for a win. I’m taking Detroit outright mostly because that would be really really cool if it happened.
  • Phil @ NYG (-7.5) – this is a no-win pick for me. Every time I pick against either team, I lose. So, I’m sure by taking Philly here, the Giants will blow them out. The Giants are very good, but I’m starting to feel like they are getting too big for their britches (a terrible, terrible expression).
  • Wash @ Balt (-5.5) – Balt has quietly carved a new identity behind Flacco, but I’m not a total convert yet. I still don’t think the Skins are bad and can see them pulling this out as they need victory badly to remain in the hunt.
  • Oak @ SD (-9.5) – SD is bad. Oak is bad. Both are inconsistent though so it’s hard to say what will happen. Norv Turner also got a recent vote of confidence from his GM. Weird. I actually agreed with firing Shottenheimer because he very clearly couldn’t take the team to the highest level…a playoff choker. What I really disagreed with was both hiring Norv Turner, and this past off-season, getting rid of FB Lorenzo Neal. LT is still fuming re this as it has shaved hundreds of yards off of LT’s totals.
  • KC @ Den (-8.5) – Last week Jay Cutler talked about having a stronger arm that Favre. He said when Favre was in his 20s, maybe it would have been close, but not now. Serious bravado from a fairly inconsistent performer.
  • Mia @ Buff (-1.5) – Buff because they need it and I want them to win.
  • NYJ @ SF (+3.5) – Still not sure how SF beat Buff last week. But they did. I wonder how many times Jets fans have heard about how much Favre loves football.
  • Dal @ Pitt (-2.5) – I’m a believer in Pitt despite their inconsistent offense, but Dallas may be hard to stop…even in crappy weather. My guess is Dallas wins 20-17.
  • St L @ Ariz (-13.5) – How incredibly rare is it to see AZ favored over anyone by this amount of points this late in a season. Good for them. I’m excited for the organization.
  • NE @ Sea (+4.5) – Seattle is a joke. Hasselbeck hasn’t looked good all year and I think we’re beginning to see that maybe he never was that good. My mini-theory re Hasselback and Shaun Alexander is that they just benefited massively from having one of the top offensive lines in football for those few good years – but they’ve never been that great.
  • TB @ Car (-2.5) – Hard to pick against TB as they continue to play quality football. But I see Car having more upside offensively. Also, Car has that KR Mark Jones who apparently can just take important games over.

2 Responses to “2008 Week 14 Picks”

  1. Scott in wisconsin Says:

    This seemed like the best place for this, so here it goes. To me, a blog (and that’s what this is) is fundamentally a way for one person to share thoughts with others, the way you would in a conversation with friends. And that’s what I thought this was. But the way DDD was shoved out, harassed out, and the bitterness with which he was met with- it left a very bad taste in my mouth. I guess you Hayes boys only play by your rules because it’s your backyard and your ball…and if we all don’t play along with your unwritten rules, you’ll get freak out on us- or take your ball and go home. And I might be wrong. But still, my gut feeling is that how DDD was driven out, with such anger I might add, that’s not what Packer fans do to each other. Sure, that sounds simplistic. But I’m a Packer Fan. Not a Packer Geek.
    So long. Like DDD said, there are plenty of other places to get my fill…and this one’s run dry for me.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    Scott, Sorry you feel the way you do. I’ve enjoyed your comments. I won’t take the time to respond to your characterization of events except to say that I strongly disagree with them. Please be careful, though, not to lump Andy’s views in with mine. It’s sometimes unfair to me, as when I have to answer for his bizarre man-crushes, but because he’s much more reasonable, it’s almost always unfair to him.

    Anyway, I learned, via Cheesehead.tv, that DDD has started his own blog. You can find it here: http://hesgotallkindsoftime.blogspot.com/ If he does mostly Packers/football stuff we’ll throw up a link.

    From a quick read, it looks very good — more characteristic of his early contributions here than his more recent comments that contributed to the kerfuffle here. I see that he considers himself a cranky libertarian, which perhaps explains his acerbic wit and suggests that if we don’t agree about what PackerGeeks should write about, we probably do agree on the bailouts. (I did notice at least one post in which he spends a lot of time on, ahem, playcalling.) Anyway, check it out.

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