Frost out in the cold – finally…


Thanks to Trav for bringing this to our attention. Derrick Frost is finally gone – read here.

There is a rumor going around…in my office…that a certain Packergeek may try out. Will keep you posted.


4 Responses to “Frost out in the cold – finally…”

  1. bucky Says:

    If you read McCarthy’s comments, they don’t exactly come across as a full endorsement for the continued employment of Mike Stock either.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    MM – finally, but too little, too late. It is now time to evaluate the rest of the team. It is stocked with youg players. Unfortunately there are few of the young players who seem to be adequate NFL players. It is time to prune out the bad and replace them. Are you listening TT?

    Being young doesn’t equate to being good. The philosophy of using bargain basement players to man the lines and keep the payroll low is a loser. Time to admit it.

    MM is probably getting fed up with decisions he is not making regarding personnel. His answers sound like he may be trying to communicate to TT.

  3. PackSmack Says:

    And so you’ll be trying out for punter, I suppose.

    Well, my former ideal job was to be the Packers tee fetcher, but yesterday I saw that there is another guy who’s got the new best job of all. He was wearing a green down Packers jacket and you saw him on screen several times. I have figured out his job and I want it. He is the guy that helps Lambeau Leapers out of the stands. You can have the punting spot, Andy, I’m shooting for the Lambeau Leap Re-entry Assistant.

  4. DaveK Says:

    The Cards just swapped out punters according to PFT. They cut Dirk Johnson today. Think TT puts in a waiver claim? He actually has a worse gross average then Frost!

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