Derrick Frost


32.3 net average.

What an embarrassment.

The criticism is no longer directed at Frost.  He sucks.  There’s not much he can do about sucking.

The criticism at this point is directed at Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Mike Stock.  If they don’t understand the problem, it raises real questions about their ability to guide the team in the future.

What an embarrassment.

6 Responses to “Derrick Frost”

  1. astyak Says:

    You sir said a mouthful. Mike McCarthy and staff should take their leave. They have done us no favors this year. We have not been prepared. We have made terrible personnel decisions. We have been a team with a split personality.

    Start the campaign now. Andy Reid for Head coach with Romeo Crennel for Defensive Coordinator.

  2. DaveK Says:

    The McGinn article reveals that Stock can’t coach up a punter and is too proud to let them get help from a specialist. Stock is putting his ego before the team and MM needs to address that and find a new S.T. coach or at least demand that he allow a specialist in to coach the punter.

  3. Cindy V Says:

    I was listening to the half-time show on WTMJ Radio for today’s game. Bill Michels said that now only was Frost punting terrible during the game, but he (Michels) was watching the pre-game warm ups and Frost was punting terrible then, too. He said it was time the coach and management addressed the punting issue. I said here before that MM is unlikely to get rid of Frost at this point in the season. They’ll want to keep him as a holder for Mason Crosby, if for no other reason. The Packers are not a playoff team this year thanks to TT and MM and their stupidity.

  4. Wamzlee Says:

    Last year I was thinking how awesome it was to have Jon Ryan as a punter. Then I was blindsided when he got cut. And now I just read an article on JSonline about how well Jon Ryan has been finding his form in Seattle. He ranks 7th or so in the NFL right now for punting….where is Derrick Frost?

    I just hope right now that they are considering firing Mike Stock. The only reason they haven’t yet is because they are still in playoff contention and switching horses in the middle of the stream isn’t the best idea. Hopefully they have been scouting for a new ST coordinator for a while and perhaps if we fall to 5-9, they will drop Stock and use the last two games as training wheels for the new coordinator? (Or do they have to give the ST coordinator duties to someone already on staff?)

  5. sam Says:

    Are thair any draftable Prospects. This year…Who are they…

  6. Trav Says:


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