TO bobbles – Manning no spiral


Just wanted to point out that I’ve noticed that Terrell Owens rarely catches passes cleanly without a bobble of some sort and Peyton Manning almost never throws a spiral. Two odd characteristics for two players toward the top of their respective positions.

2 Responses to “TO bobbles – Manning no spiral”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    – favre throws to the far side of the field off his back foot while being chased by 300lb linemen (or used to)
    – warren spahn had a ridiculously high leg kick
    – beethoven created things he couldn’t perceive
    – the roman emperor claudius stammered and limped
    – louis armstrong has both the best and worst singing voice of all time
    – derek zoolander can’t turn left

    it all adds character to brilliance. unfortunately, peyton’s bitching and moaning, and t.o.’s … everything else — they subtract from character, so they end up about like the rest of us, just much, much wealthier.

  2. packerhigh Says:

    Please don’t even mention TO’s name. Who cares about Puke Manning. We killed the Colts!

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