Cut Derrick Frost


In an earlier post, in an earlier game, after a previous horrible punt, I promised not to blog again about the need for the Packers to cut Derrick Frost.

I’m breaking that promise.

The only reason Frost is still a Packer is the arrogance of the front office.  It’s going to cost us games.

8 Responses to “Cut Derrick Frost”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Arrogance is the wrong word. Ineptitude is more like it. Moll is worthless. Rodgers is flinging passes like he’s jittery. Our defense looks confused out there. And it’s not even halftime. Our whole game looks fugly. Plus, how is it the Saints have a better O-line than we do? Thanks TT.

  2. nik Says:

    Frost is an embarrassment. I’m pretty pissed that McCarthy sat on two timeouts at the end of the half.

  3. bucky Says:

    Just as I was about to write about the absolute lack of a pass rush, the Packers get a sack. Go figure.

    Still, except for some pressure from Kampman at the end of the half, the defensive line has given Brees way too much time to throw. The Saints have shown they have little running game, so the D line needs to pin its ears back and just bring it every play.

  4. Cindy V Says:

    Our corners, supposedly the best in the business, have been letting Brees hit any receiver he throws to. If our defense could get off the field, perhaps the offense could do something. Moll is awful. Rodgers was just intercepted, so nevermind. We’re getting our asses kicked royally by the Saints. The Packers are not worthy of leading the division with this effort. What happened to the team that beat the Bears so well last weekend?

  5. Jake Says:

    Agreed. Why didn’t we cut Frost after game 2 or 3 because seriously it is just terrible? I’ll put some blame on the Packers offense but why has our defense gone from being dominant one week and looking like the Detriot Lions another week? Just abismal.

  6. Scott in wisconsin Says:

    We can’t cut Frost. Who the #### would trade for him? It’s like choosing people for your kickball team and you get stuck with the kid who’s 5 foot tall in third grade who trips over his own feet. Who are you going to trade him for? The fat kid who smells like pringles and can’t run to save his life? Except with us, we have both in Frost. NOBODY WANTS HIM and TT is too tight with money to just cut him and hire another.

  7. Cindy V Says:

    In his press conference just yesterday, MM says they are keeping Frost. They want to give him time to “work things out.” Urghhhhh!

  8. Cindy V Says:

    Today’s Journal Sentinel had an article about how well Jon Ryan is doing as the punter for the Seahawks. He went to a kicking coach after being cut by the packers and that helped him. It’s the same kicking coach that the Packers would not allow Ryan to talk to while he was on the team. Can we say ego?

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