Je’Rod Cherry – very unPacmanlike


Read this story by Vic Carucci at about Je’Rod Cherry. Great story. Cherry was a relatively anonymous player for the Patriots earlier this decade and helped them win 3 Super Bowls. The short of it is that he has decided to donate what to him may be his most valuable material possession: his first Super Bowl ring. It is for a raffle prize. The raffle will benefit several charities that are important to him. It is already estimated that his doing this has helped raise more than $100,000. All you need to put in is $10 for a chance to win a Super Bowl ring. He chose not to go the auction route even though he knows he could have generated huge money for the charities, because by going with the raffle, anyone (not only the super rich) who can put in $10 can have a crack at winning the ring.

This guy may be the opposite of the recently reinstated Pacman Jones.


One Response to “Je’Rod Cherry – very unPacmanlike”

  1. Ace Says:

    You are missing the real hero–Tony Romo. Nice guy befriending homeless guy at the theater, changing tires. What is it about Wisconsin that breeds such good people. Add the integrity of Wisconsin’s Mark Wilson penalizing himself when no one would have known and winning a golf tournament in a playoff OR JP Hayes dreaming about his illegal golf ball use for 2 shots, calling himself on it and thereby losing his Q school qualifying opportunity for next year’s tour. It is about time we had some sports heroes to respect. Oddly 2 of them are golfers from WI—not some FL pro deliberately knocking down a hawk down with a golf ball. What is it about this state’s athletes? But that they could influence the politicians.

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