2008 Week 12 Picks

  • Cincy @ Pitt (-11.5) – Pitt by 35.They will finally get their offense on track.
  • Buff @ KC (+5.5) – Taking KC to win here seems like the sexy pick, but KC has lost 9 games. Buff is on a slide lately, but I do believe that the loss of Josh Reed and his ability to distract defenses just a bit for Lee Evans is big. He’s back. Both LJ and Lynch to have huge games. Tough one, in the end, I’ll bet Buff wins, KC covers.
  • Chic @ St. Louis (+7.5) – the temptation is huge to take the Rams. They did play well for a few games in the middle of the year. But I just can’t see Chicago blowing such a critical game, as much as I really really want them to. The Rams might tease their 8 fans by keeping it close, only to puke it at the end and then lose the franchise to LA.
  • Hou @ Cleve (-3.5) – Cleveland in a blow-out. It may be time for…gulp…Craig Nall to takeover from Sage “guaranteed multiple turnover” Rosenfels.
  • NE @ Mia (-1.5) – Pennington will continue to dominate because he’s great. But the reason Miami will win: 8 turnovers this year…8! That’s 2 games for Gus Frerotte alone.
  • NYJ @ Tenn (-5.5) – Leon Washington said in a recent interview that just being in the huddle with Favre in critical moments of the game makes him feel confident they can win. Maybe because all Favre has to do is give it to Leon Washington who can score from anywhere.
  • SF @ Dal (-10.5) – SF absolutely crushed St. Louis last week and Dallas lost to St. Louis. Doesn’t matter. Romo and company to go nuts this week. 42-13. (They’ll be playing Milwaukee Bucks 1980s scrub time music by mid 3rd quarter…you know, the Hungarian Waltz that would welcome Jerry “Ice” Reynolds to the floor.)
  • TB @ Det (+8.5) – A couple lucky TDs to Calvin Johnson will help Det cover.
  • Oak @ Den (-9.5) – shouldn’t even be a game. The only chance for Oak is if Asomoaishwqiue hgdhasdfuasdh picks off a few passes when Cutler mistakenly throws in his direction. The guy is very good (not Charles Woodson good, but very good). Denver by 30.
  • Car @ Atl (-1.5) – Atlanta will try to run on Carolina, but the running game may not get going until Matt Ryan takes some chances down-field to Roddy White and Michael Jenkins. Delhomme may snap out of his slump with a few nice passes to Steve Smith but it won’t be enough. Atlanta will win and cover.
  • NYG @ Ariz (+3.5) – despite vowing to never pick against the Giants again, I’m picking against he Giants again. This is a huge…huge…huge game for the Cardinals. This organization hasn’t won their division for 30 years, I believe I heard earlier today. 30 years! A win over the Giants and they not only almost clinch the division title already, but they finally make it over the “we’ve been a sucky franchise for years” hump (and both Brother Steve and I get to have an extra beer for picking them to win the division this year).
  • Wash @ Sea (+3.5) – Even though I picked Seattle to suck this year and be last in this division, I keep wanting to take them especially when they are at home. But the fact is, this is one really bad team. This is a very important game for Wash and important to Zorn for many reasons – Wash win and cover.
  • Indy @ SD (-2.5) – It makes more sense to pick Indy here considering they are somewhat hot lately and seem to be rounding back into form. But SD is very good at home and Indy may be just coming across this team at the wrong time.
  • GB @ NO (-2.5) – Brees scared the ____ out of me. I don’t see McAllister doing much. Pierre Thomas is more of a concern. And of course, if Bush is in there, we have to pay special attention to him as a receiver. Still, I think a solid ground game to keep Brees off the field should help us dominate time of possession and therefore the game. Pack to win an exciting game outright.

2 Responses to “2008 Week 12 Picks”

  1. Trav Says:

    Ice Reynolds….nice. I think he still counts against the Bucks cap space, along with Teddy Higuera for the Brewers payroll.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposthy Says:

    i was listening to turico and van pelt (sp?) do their picks earlier. they spend like 30 seconds or a minute on each, and then they got to oakland at denver:

    SVP: Do you think either team gets to 3 wins?
    MT: (chuckles)
    SVP: So that’s it, we’re moving on?
    MT: yeah.

    i found it more than just a little amusing. in fact, i had my own chucklefart. luckily, i was in my car, and no one was seriously injured.

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