Another Test for Roger Goodell


John Riggins reported this morning that Roger Goodell is looking for ways to justify the reinstatement of Pacman Jones after suspending him indefinitely in mid-October.  If Riggins is right, this is a very, very bad sign.

Goodell took the job promising to crack down on the thugs in the NFL.  Indeed, some believe this promise was a major reason that Goodell won the job over other highly-qualified applicants.  It was to be a no-tolerance policy and Goodell was going to be the NFL’s chief enforcer.

But rather than kick Jones out of the league for his many previous violations of league policy, Goodell gave him what was described at the time as “one more chance.”  Then Jones got into what Goodell himself described as an “alcohol-related” fight and, in a letter to Jones, decried his”disturbing pattern of behavior clearly inconsistent with the conditions set for your continued participation in the NFL.”

Last night, in an interview on NFL Network’s “Total Access,” Goodell complained that too much attention is paid to the small number of players with off-the-field problems and too little credit is given to NFL players who help in their communities.  Is this the same Roger Goodell who promised to crackdown on the thugs?

And now Goodell is concerned about ticket scalping.
Not good.


11 Responses to “Another Test for Roger Goodell”

  1. ScottinDC Says:

    I think the most puzzling thing here is the “why?” Why is Goodell seemingly searching for any excuse to reinstate Ms. Pacman? Why, when the overwhelming majority of NFL venues are sold out on a weekly basis (largely from legitimate ticket sales) is Goodell turning his focus on scalpers? It’s absolutely baffling. It’s not like bringing Ms. Pacman back is going to lead to a surge in revenue for the NFL. I can’t even imagine his jersey is a top three seller on his own team! Thus far, Roger Goodell has been a total disappointment. He was a shameful shil for Brett Favre during retirementgate, and his actions regarding unruly players have been ineffective at best, and they betray an indifference to the issue. I wouldn’t even be at all surprised if we saw the Williams’ suspensions and Jared Allen’s fine reduced in MN. I really think that some enterprising sports journalist needs to profile Roger Goodell. What are his motivations? What makes him tick?

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Guarentee Ole Rog won’t be conserned about ticket scalping if they can figure out a way to get 1/2 the profit from the scalpers. Based on Jones and his antics with the new Cowboy Stadium, they sure don’t give a crap about the fans.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Crap – Jared Allen avoided a suspension for his hit on Rodgers. He was fined $25k and I think Goodell made him pinky swear that he wouldn’t do it again.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    this is absolute garbage. find jared allen’s 2 (YES, TWO) intentional helmet hits on matt schaub’s knee in the same game, and then watch the clip from two weeks later for an obvious head-hunting hit on aaron rodgers. he essentially head butted him with a forward dive, and then had the audacity to wave his arms in a sort of ‘whoa, i couldn’t stop my momentum’ plea to the ref.

    if i were allen (i’d shoot myself, but before that…) i’d be laughing all the way back from goodell’s office. $25,000???? seriously. fines under $500,000 mean nothing to these people. absolutely nothing. handing out fines like this in the NFL is like handing out coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond at a Gwar concert.

    i’m all for the ‘punishment fitting the crime,’ but i think we need it to fit the perpetrator as well. players react to missing gametime. $25,000 is a weekend of drinks and a ride on the Love Boat for a guy like Allen. the guy is 26 years old and thinks it’s funny that his number is 69, has a history of drunk driving and dirty play, and he’s the one getting breaks. laughable, if only his status didn’t affect the packers’ season.

  5. DaveK Says:

    This is the THIRD game in a row that Allen has been fined for a total of FOUR dirty hits. (Chicago, two against Houston, Green Bay) He has been fined for a total of $80,000. Does a QB’s career have to end before this guy gets a suspension?

  6. Joe Says:

    joshy – you get extra credit for the Gwar reference. That is high quality stuff.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:


    Think Roggie’s got a man crush on Ziggy pooh?

  8. Greg Says:

    This is no longer notional, here is the story from the Dallas Morning News. I wonder if Jerry Jones has some influence over Rog?

    DMN Cowboys beat reporter Brian Davis, attending the Final Four announcement, reports that Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said that suspended cornerback Adam Jones has been cleared to return to practice next Monday and will be eligible to play Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.

  9. ace Says:

    Joshy-good comments. Shouldn’t we Packergeeks be flooding Roger Goodell’s email with emails about his pinky kissing penalties for Allen and coddling Pacman? Joshy, are writing from work?? Tsk. Tsk.

  10. Mark Says:

    To the spineless one, the Lord high priest of the National Fixed League,you need to stop talking to the children.If you continue to promote a tainted game they will all grow up to be thieves.

  11. Mark Says:

    To the spineless one, the Lord high priest of the National Fixed League,you need to stop talking to the children.If you continue to promote a tainted game they will all grow up to be thieves. Steelers 17-Chargers 10.

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