Romo and the Cowboys could run the table


I hesitate to write anything favorable about the Cowboys…ever. I don’t like the franchise, Jerry Jones is a tool, Wade Phillips looks so clueless every time he’s shown on TV and most things about the Dallas Cowboys are just obnoxious. Perhaps most importantly, I watched them beat up on the Packers during the 90s (though practically ALL the games were in lame Texas Stadium) and my hatred for the Cowboys eventually grew to rival my hatred for the Bears. (Imagine then, how coollame, new word, sort of like bittersweet, if you will, it was when I golfed with Cowboys WR Alvin Harper a few years back).

But there was something about the way the Cowboys took down a quality Redskins team. It was similar to what I saw when I watched them beat up on the Packers at Lambeau earlier this season. I think the Redskins are really good. They are a very sound team with a strong running game, a safe, sensible passing game and a quality defense. But Dallas controlled the second half of that game and were it not for a few nice defensive plays by the Redskins that led to picks, Dallas might have won by a couple TDs.

Here is why they could run the table:

  1. Romo is very good. He is confident and while he’s prone to the boneheaded pass here and there, he is savvy and can make some beautiful throws (the throw to win the game to Bennett was beholdable, as it were).
  2. Witten and Bennett both are great receivers – but John Madden is right, Witten is a tremendous asset for many other reasons.
  3. TO and Roy Williams will be an exhausting duo to have to defend for defenses for the remainder of the year. Both of these guys can break games open with quality catch/run plays. Romo can also throw to Miles Austin who just makes plays whenever he’s on the field. The receiving options for Romo in the red zone especially make playing defense against them brutal (Witten, Bennett, Williams, TO, Barber, Jones).
  4. Marion Barber runs very hard and is a smart football player. His taking tackles inbounds at the end of the game last night on several occasions was smart football – and his 100+ yards pretty much won the game. He can catch, run, juke and roll right through defenders.
  5. Felix Jones is hurt but when he returns, there is yet another scary offensive weapon.
  6. Terrance Newman is a great corner. He shut down one of this year’s best WRs last night.
  7. Ratliffe and Ware are both scary D-Linemen (though Ware may not be the best run defender.

In the NFC, I think there are only 2 teams right now who could spoil things for the Cowboys: the Giants because I can’t leave out the obvious and the Packers, if we get to the playoffs. While I’d worry re the Pack’s run D trying to stop Barber/Jones, our pass D is so good that Romo’s tendency to throw a bad pick or two could result in defensive TDs for us. And the way our offense clicked yesterday, stopping such a balanced attack would be a tall order for anyone. Anyway, I don’t mean to get ahead of myself but after watching a bunch of games yesterday, both the Cowboys’ scariness and the Packers suddenly brighter prospects have been dominant thoughts this morning.


14 Responses to “Romo and the Cowboys could run the table”

  1. Aaron Says:

    The Pack will have trouble with anyone they might face in the playoffs, let alone the Boys or the Giants. Hell, they’re going to have trouble with the Saints on Monday. One week at a time…

  2. ScottinDC Says:

    Unfortunately the Packers game wasn’t televised in DC, instead I had the great honor of watching the most boring game in NFL history between Cincinatti and Philly, it ended in a tie. Anyways, I have to agree that Dallas looked scary last night. Jason Witten is in some ways, the best player in the NFL. You always know that Romo is going to throw to him, but he makes the play anyways. I also agree, however, that the Packers might be the team that can stop them. If yesterday’s performance was a harbinger of things to come for the Packers, I like their match ups with the Cowboys. However, I still worry about defending against Witten? Is such a thing even possible?

  3. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    One week at a time is right. Earlier in the season after a bad loss, this blog argued that the Packers were a five win team.

  4. awhayes Says:

    I never said anything about a 5 win season…don’t think Steve did either. And why do we have to take it “one week at a time”? Sounds like you guys have seen too many painfully cliche athlete interviews.

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  6. Green Bay Packers News • The Six Pack 11/17/08 Says:

    […] Why on earth would someone be writing about the Cowboys on their Packer blog? Screw the […]

  7. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    My mistake. The prognosis was “lucky” to be .500.

    Sometime things become cliche because they really are true.

    The point is we shouldn’t get too down and after a loss or too high after a win.

  8. Aaron Says:

    What I want to know is – where is your Bear Fan reader today?


  9. awhayes Says:

    hear that Aaron – I’m not sure where Bears fan guy is now, but I’m pretty sure Orton went down soon after our little exchange a few weeks ago!

    Great victory yesterday hey?

  10. Cindy V Says:

    The Packers could be the teamto beat the Cowboys if they consistently play like they did yesterday. So far, that hasn’t been the case.

  11. Trav Says:

    A friend on his way back from GB this morning told me he read somewhere that if the Packers win the Central, the Giants hold serve and win the East, and the Cowboys get a wild card, odds were good that the Packers would host the Cowboys for a playoff game. Now, many, many things have to happen in the coming weeks, like the Packers put together a bit of a run to gain some momentum, O-Line plays well, etc., etc., but I have to admit, after all those painful playoff losses in the 90’s in Dallas, wouldn’t it be nice to make them come up to Green Bay? I know, I know…getting way ahead of myself.

  12. Ron La Canne Says:

    Looking at the win/loss record of last six opponents, it appears that Minn is getting the worst of this deal. Minn Opponents = 31-29, Bear Opponents = 24-36, and GB = 25-35. Looks like the Packers and Bears are pretty much equal. All three teams have have 3 home and 3 away games. GB’s destiny is in their own hands. Don’t fall backinto bad habits and improve each week. It would be nice for them to adapt the Giants formula from last year. One game at a time sounds good to me.

    Note: Monday’s game Deuce McAllistar and Will Smith (DE) are among the players who tested positive fo the “water pills”. If penalties are forthcoming they need to be soon. Within the next two games, if they are four game suspensions. Bad news there is the Bears also play NO and Minn will not have the Williams boys.

  13. sfhayes Says:

    DDD — Lucky to be .500 and a five win team is a pretty big difference. And you can’t use something I’ve written against Andy. He’s pretty consistently been more optimistic about this season than I have. So “this blog” isn’t making arguments, we are as individuals. I sure the hell wouldn’t want to answer for his prediction of greatness for Demond Parker or his claim, last year, that James Jones was going to be much, much better than Greg Jennings. I still think we’ll be lucky to be .500, though our favorable schedule may lead to a better record than that. Here’s hoping.

  14. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    the packers have 3.5 good football teams left to play. the cowboys have 4. i’m not going to sit and look at EVERYONE’s record and who they’re playing and who will end up with the wildcard and all that – but the cowboys are not running the table. they have games against the steelers, giants and eagles. they’re not winning all three. i hate to admit that the giants are so good this year (i live just north of nyc), but they’re much better than last year. and it’s all about a powerful running game.

    if the packers do what they have to – cowboys, redskins, bucs, eagles, falcons – all could end up playing at lambeau. probably more possibilities.

    anyhow. that’s not important right now. what i want to know is, since when is “hesitancy” a word — i was all upset about hearing it recently and thinking “it’s hesitation, dumbass,” and then i looked it up. it’s a word. i’m the dumbass. but then why do we have two words with the same root that have the same meaning, tense, part of speech, etc.? i think it’s cause for concernancyitation.

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