Denny Green – football genius?


It’s hard to believe that I’d title this post “Denny Green – football genius?”. My guess is that the general perception of Denny Green is that he isn’t that bright. Some might think that because of his high, squeeky, scratchy voice, or from a foolish gameday decision or 10 from his coaching days, or from not taking talented teams far enough in the playoffs, or from the “we are who they thought they are” tirade.

So why would I label him a genius?

He’s a fantastic commentator, of all things. I still can’t believe I’m writing this, but the guy is profoundly insightful during the Westwood One radio broadcasts. He is able to diagnose plays before the play-by-play guy can tell us what is happening, call penalties as they happen and generally give the listener a unique understanding for the coaching decisions behind some of the plays. He also has great working knowledge of the tendencies of specific players.

I didn’t like him as the Vike’s coach but I’ve gotta say, once you get past that voice, you’ll get lots of good info if you just listen.


3 Responses to “Denny Green – football genius?”

  1. scott in wisconsin Says:

    PFft. I was hoping the jets would crash in a dark jungle. Favre has that “X” factor that makes the other guys play just that bit better. Nobody on the Packers right now has that X factor that inspires guys to keep giving their all.

  2. bucky Says:

    I don’t know that I’d call Denny Green a genius, but he did earn a Big Ten Coach of the Year award back when I was in school- for winning three football games. I bet there aren’t very many coaches who can say that.

  3. Healthcare Economicst Says:

    Agreed. I was listening to Westwood One on my way home from my in-laws and I also noticed Denny Green was doing a great job as a commentator as well.

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