2008 Week 11 picks

  • NYJ @ NE (-3.5) – Favre and co will lead the AFC East after tonight (not just saying this because they’re up 24-13 right now, I had to submit my pool picks earlier and put a lot of points on them).
  • NO @ KC (+4.5) – Final score 44-30, NO. Wow, would Tony Gonzalez look good in Green and Gold!
  • Chi @ GB (-5.5) – Surprising spread here as this is usually a close game. The last few weeks, I have been very reluctant to pick the Pack, but this week, for some odd reason (especially consider Barnett’s injury), I’m not so worried. Packers…comfortably here.
  • Balt @ NYG (-6.5) – Coughlin apparently fined a player this week for thinking about showing up late for a meeting.
  • Oak @ Mia (-10.5) – hard to believe how little we’ve heard about Bill Parcells this year. Seriously.
  • Phil @ CIncy (+8.5) – How does Marvin Lewis have a job?
  • Det @ Car (-14.5) – Detroit has no chance…to even cover. Man, Drew Stanton must suck.
  • Den @ Atl (-5.5) – Mike Smith may be one of the most anonymous, highly talented coaches out there.
  • Tenn @ Jax (+2.5) – the unlikely undefeated reign ends here. Tenn is good and their coach is very good, but this undefeated business needs to stop. They are just not good enough for it to continue. I actually wouldn’t be too surprised to see it not only end, but come to a fairly dramatic halt.
  • Hou @ Indy (-8.5) – Hou is done. Sage Rosenfels is a disaster. He’s had some good quarters here and there but not a good QB. Too bad because they have serious talent.
  • MN @ TB (-3.5) – This is the kind of game that MN might win because they may need to tease their lame fanbase just a bit more before crashing dramatically at the end of the year leading the quiet and respectful Adrian Peterson to cry out for a trade.
  • St L @ SF (-5.5) – The NFL has reportedly decided to cancel this game due to lack of interest.
  • AZ @ Sea (+5.5) – Hasselbeck is back, but he was bad before he left in part because they have a bad team. But they have seen the slight resurrection of Koren Robinson. I like Sea to pull off the upset here as AZ may be feeling like they should give one back after last week.
  • SD @ Pitt (-4.5) – Does Ben Roeth now suck? No, Pitt is just reverse Minnesota. They struggle throughout the season giving everyone the impression that they’re not great, then they heat up and dominate. That domination may start any week.
  • Dal @ Wash (+1.5) – Dallas will awaken for this one. Jerry Jones will obnoxiate, as it were, on the sideline.
  • Buff @ Cleve (-5.5) – Cleve’s loss to Denver last week most likely ruined their season. Buff will get it back together after taking the last several weeks off apparently.

3 Responses to “2008 Week 11 picks”

  1. 300 Says:

    Go Pack!!

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Harrel sprains ankle in practise today – listed as doubtful for Sunday. What a waste of a uniform. Thompson turn the decision process on selection of linemen (Both O and D lines) over to someone who knows something. Name one good line pick he has made ever. I’m waiting!

  3. scott in wisconsin Says:

    Resigning Tausher?

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