Confirmed – Nick Barnett out for the year


Read here from Nick Barnett has torn ligaments in his knee and is out for the year.


13 Responses to “Confirmed – Nick Barnett out for the year”

  1. Joe Says:

    seems like the perfect time to move Hawk inside and see what happens

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Finally, some good news. Put AJ in the middle Sanders, you idiot.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    This is really starting to feel like a Murphy’s Law type of year. It started with the Favre debacle, then veterans that were always solid start playing like crap and then the injuries. Then we add the Bears actually playing well and the Vikings coming back from a horrendous start of the season.

    Can it be 2009 now, please?

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    while i agree that barnett hasn’t been himself, i don’t believe we should be jumping up and down about this. he hasn’t simply lost his skills, and i think he would have turned things around – sure, it has the potential to be a positive, but … well i don’t know. i just don’t know. crap.

  5. DaveK Says:

    I don’t think Barnett was as bad as some on here seem to think. I have been more dissapointed by Hawk. He just looks slow to me. I don’t think Desmond Bishop is the answer either. It will be intersting to see how they patch this group together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chillar ends up in the middle with Pop and Hawk in thier usual spots.

    Think KGB gets resigned now that we have a roster spot availible?

  6. Frank Metzke Says:

    DaveK: I’d love to see KGB back and use him how he was intended–as a pass rush specialist on 3rd down. They tried to play him on every down and look what happened. Cutting him was a move by TT to cut one of the biggest salaries on the roster. I don’t think he was really the same after the surgeries either (1/2 sack this year) Montgomery has looked pretty good too. To answer your question, of course he wouldn’t come back–he’s already getting paid for this season regardless. Unless he’s that big a charity case..

    I also agree with you on Barnett not being as bad as Hawk. Hawk has been very average–at best, but for his 3rd year and the 5th pick in the draft he is looking more and more like a bust. HE NEEDS TO STEP UP NOW.

    JSonline did a story today saying our run defense (28th in the league) took a major hit with Barnett going down. I don’t necessarily agree. I do like Chillar, Poppinga and Bishop. Bishop, although he took a bad angle on Chestor Taylor for the TD, did force the fumble when the Vikings went for it on 4th down (so his forced fumbles equal Barnett’s for the season) The Packers seem to really like Lansanah too.

  7. Ace Says:

    Almost ready for 5 DBs and 2 LBs with hard hitting Bigby playing close to the line. Our 4-3 does not seem to be working. 3-4 wouldn’t work with our limited LB capability at the moment. Unfortunately mid season changes not likely to work well but our defensive strength is Harris, Woodson, Bigby, Collins and Rouse. With no pass rush and few blitzes it is remarkable those guys are doing so well this year. Packers will have 3 pro bowlers this year—Collins, Woodson, and Jennings. Still on target for my 8-8 prediction but loss of Barnett makes it less likely. I agree with Dave K-Barnett not as noticeable this year but not that bad.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Andrew Brandt had a good aritcle last week about KGB. (I’ll post the link if I can find it) KGB is guaranteed his money this year. It will be paid at the end of year when KGB claims “termination pay” which is allowed one time per player. He’ll get every penny of his 2008 salary ($8 million) from the Packers even if he signs with another team. In fact, he will get his “termination pay” and the new money from his new team. He could end up earning more if someone signs him.

    Bottom line – He wasn’t cut to save money. He was cut because he wasn’t producing and they needed a roster spot. I think he is pretty much done though. There is a reason no other team has signed him in the past couple weeks. But, he may have some more value to the Packers then other teams and the Packers do have a roster spot. Any solid LB’s on the practice squad?

  9. DaveK Says:

  10. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Lansanah was a monster in preseason. I am surprised he hasn’t been playing yet since being signed from practice sqad…. this would be the perfect time for him to sign.

  11. bucky Says:

    Frank- can you enlighten us about what it is you like about Poppinga? Besides the fact that it is fun to pronounce his name.

  12. Frank Metzke Says:

    Bucky, I really like the intensity Poppinga brings to the game. I think back to the NFC Championship last year and he seemed to be one of the only guys making plays (kinda like Bigby against Seattle). He also is pretty good against the run, and (I think) no more of a liablity than most of our backers in pass coverage.

    Yeah, his name is great. I remember walking to Lambeau Field for my first home Packer game and reading a sign on that picket fence that said “Hear Poppinga Pop!” It was McCarthy’s first game and Favre’s first shutout. We lost 26-0 to the Bears. Ugh…I don’t know if I’m allowed back.. 🙂

  13. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Nick Barnett is the featured player of the month on my Calendar too! LOL

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