Barnett out for the season


I am presently scouring the internet for more info on this (actually, I am presently typing this post and will return in the near future to scouring the internet for more). Here is the source of this info.

If true, I am sad for Barnett and our defense because I do believe he is a leader of that defense and he’s had a few great seasons for this team. I also had hopes that he would return to the excellent form he displayed last year. He hasn’t played well this year, but at this point, with Hawk ineffective and Poppinga Poppingaing, if you will, and Chillar apparently having a serious shoulder injury, his loss will dramatically hurt our depth. The only hope here is that Desmond Bishop steps into this opportunity as well as Tramon Williams did earlier in the year with his (and I actually have a strong hunch this could happen).


One Response to “Barnett out for the season”

  1. Frank Metzke Says:

    We might actually be better off with Bishop instead of Barnett. He actrually caused the fumble when “Major Dad” went for it on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter. Now if only Hawk would get hurt…

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