Not surprised re Frerotte


Interesting that my pools and my fantasy predictions are so off today. Because the following is one of my game keys from this morning:

  • Interceptions. Gus Frerotte is Gus Frerotte. I will admit that I have a bias against Frerotte because he replaced a player I don’t think is any worse than he is. His QB rating is 77.6 and he’s thrown 8 picks to go along with his 8 TDs. Some might argue “well, 4 of those picks were in one game against Chicago” and then I would counter with “yes, and he lost that game for them”. He is not good and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Woodson or Collins have a pick or two or hopefully, 4 like the Chicago game.

Here was another game key:

  • Keep 8 or more in the box to slow Peterson down. I have real concerns that today could end up being a 200 yard day for Peterson. He is so incredibly good – definitely let Frerotte beat us. I actually can see a stubborn and poor-football-minded Childress thinking he’ll try and surprise the Packers by opening up their passing game only to see Frerotte throw 3 picks and fumble thrice.

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