Game Keys – Minn

  • Interceptions. Gus Frerotte is Gus Frerotte. I will admit that I have a bias against Frerotte because he replaced a player I don’t think is any worse than he is. His QB rating is 77.6 and he’s thrown 8 picks to go along with his 8 TDs. Some might argue “well, 4 of those picks were in one game against Chicago” and then I would counter with “yes, and he lost that game for them”. He is not good and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Woodson or Collins have a pick or two or hopefully, 4 like the Chicago game.
  • Run at Brian Robison. Jared Allen is listed as doubtful so Robison would be the likely right DE replacement. Run at him and make sure he knows he’s being targeted. Not sure Allen is the greatest run defender anyway, but go at the new guy.
  • As Leroy Butler said the other day (and we agreed), MM needs to get more creative using Ryan Grant – screens, misdirection plays, lining him up as a WR, let him play a 3rd down or two and bring Jackson in on a 2nd down or two, can Grant throw?…anything – just don’t keep his presence in the game so predictable. If MM can catch Minn off guard, this could well be the week Grant breaks a long one finally.
  • Borrow a page from the Badgers (who had a WR rush for 168 yards yesterday on 8 carries, yes, a WR!!! – granted it was against a high school team). Give Jennings the ball on a reverse or line him up in the backfield. One thing I’m really liking about this year’s NFL is that lots of these kinds of plays are becoming more and more common as teams realize that defenses often have a hard time diagnosing such plays quick enough.
  • Keep 8 or more in the box to slow Peterson down. I have real concerns that today could end up being a 200 yard day for Peterson. He is so incredibly good – definitely let Frerotte beat us. I actually can see a stubborn and poor-football-minded Childress thinking he’ll try and surprise the Packers by opening up their passing game only to see Frerotte throw 3 picks and fumble thrice.
  • The Packers linebackers need to wake up. No, they need to freakin’ wake up. We’ve been critical of Poppinga for a long time due to poor play, but Hawk has been absent, Barnett has been awful  – Chillar’s decent pass coverage may be the only bright spot but his play outside of that hasn’t been too great.

2 Responses to “Game Keys – Minn”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Brandon Chillar is on the inactive list today???

    Jared Allen is on the active list and will be wearing a shoulder harness.

  2. bucky Says:

    Right now the offensive line looks like they just picked five guys out of the crowd and put jerseys on ’em. They are a real embarrassment. They have a half to try to turn a failing grade (something a lot closer to zero than to, say, 60) into a D.

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